For some of the engine people who saw the group "Cancel The Engine" and thought there was some shiny object on here for them, and now they aren't quite sure:

You know you are a truckie if, when called to a medical, the tool you bring inside is a shovel.

The rest of you, feel free to fill in the blanks.

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I work for a home improvement company (Lowes) and a couple years ago when I worked in Building Materials I was asked to help build a load to go out on delivery. One of the items included an aluminum extension ladder. I was carrying it through the store (because I couldnt find a cart) using the 1firefighter carrying method when I was approached by a manager. This manager proceeded to inform me that I was improperly carrying the ladder (it wasnt the "Lowes approved" method). I told her that I am a firefighter and that was how I was taught to carry a ladder in training. She left me alone on that one lol.

If you see a sign on a door that says "No Entry-Locked Door" and you immediately come up with 5 or 6 ways to get through the door.....You Might Be a Truckie!
You know your a truckie when:

Good stuff. Mongo like saw.
you know you are a truckie when you don't slide acroos the peak of a 4 pitch on your knees like this sissy
FYI I am the one in the photo holding the saw. About 10 seconds after the pic was snapped I grew tired of waiting and got up and walked past him to knock out the skylight
Amen Times a wastin ain't got time for sissy's. Remember the engine guy's are whinin till you open up to cool them off.
You might be a truckie if...
Opening up has nothing to do with a door.
Your favorite Google search is "tiller cam"
the word search has nothing to do with using a computer.
You check for overhead obstructions before you park your personal truck.
You think The Truck IS your personal truck
Your favorite position is on top...of the ladder, of the roof, of the fire floor, of your... well you get the idea
Those my friend, are definite truckie traits. Good stuff.
So right, brother.
If you break a window from the inside out instead of just unlocking it and lifting it up, you know you're a truckie. (Saw it on the news last night. Just about fell over laughing.)
You might be a truckie if seeing an engine blocking the front of the structure enrages you to the point of near BLEVE.
If you go to carve the Turkey and the first knife you grab is a Stihl, You might be a truckie


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