I'm a halligan guy. I have also long been a disciple of the John Wayne (boot) method and the Rabbit Tool is great when you have a whole bunch of door opening to be performed so you can get back to bed tonight. Of course, I think a rotary saw plunged to the guard through the center of a door is a thing of beauty as well.

Feel free to wax poetically about your preferred method for scaring the crap out of those sleeping people in that apartment next door.

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TNT tool SUCKS!!!! saw a dude break his wrist with it trying to pull ceiling. Had a hold of the D-handle end slammed it into the ceiling hit a rafter and bam broken wrist.
I personally like to use a newly minted probie! A few whacks at the door with them and the door usually pops right open, then I tell them to sit there and hold the door til I come back! Just kidding, I would never abuse a probie like that, whose gonna clean the tools when we're done?

I'll take the irons every time, after we get the door I can use them to extend my reach in a search or to get my ass out of trouble if things hit the fan. Knowing you have a halligan with you that you can use to breach a wall with, or pop another door inside to continue a search is comforting.
The Probie; highly under-rated as a forcible entry tool. It's all good.
Give me a K-Tool and Halligan bar
Give me a K-Tool and Halligan bar and a flat head ax
Halligan ( 30 inch Pro Bar ) with at least an 8 lb flathead. The hydra ram is carried for multiple steel framed doors. Does not seem to work to good on wood frame. The boot method? Gave it up. Found to many doors not opening!
hey Mick, I am a die hard halligan man as well but as new things come out i have started picking up the TNT tool its a little heavier but it will take a door to pieces like a hot k12 through butter and yeah the blast of a TNT tool will wake the sleepers on either side and maybe above.
Mule kick is #1 then the beef of a halligan and sheer force with irons. I do carry Paratech Pry Axe on my gut belt. It's nice for the tight places and has some force behind it.
I'm a size 11 guy on wood frames. Mule kick not the TV front kick. Had a fire in a factory quite a few years back. My team got assigned to check the office area for extention. One hallway about 4 ft accross, but 30 yds long. I seem to remember having arround 15 or so doors on each side. One guy with tools started on one side, my probie and me on the other. He checked the doors for heat, I did the opening. We got to the end of the hall and were just a little less than half way thru the other side by time we met up with the tool guys. Last door was just starting to push little wisps of smoke. I took the hoseline and gave the "honnor" of doing that door to the guys with the haligan. We beat on the animial for about 5 minutes when the everybody out horns started blowing. Appairently the vent guys were working on the roof 2 floors above us and found a blast furnace of a fire above us when they opened up.
Cops, they always seem to about 1 minute ahead of first due and kick in the door and bust out the window to make sure everyone got out.....especially apartment complexes. Then they have the balls to say "what took you so long? There was only smoke when I arrived, now theres fire coming out the front door and side windows." Huh! On a lighter note; Halligan and Splittin Maul.
hey all, my size thirteen boot and a piece of webbing to control the door seems to work most times, but i will use a rabbit tool or k tool when needed
do you throw them head first or butt first? lol


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