Ok you get issued a number when you join your department of course the chief is usually 101 asst. 102 and so forth 101-109 on our dept. is for officers  after that the numbers really dont matter. I noticed on other departments it may be different how does it work on yours? I am 116.

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Number is 1305. Our station is the 13th in Wayne County and I'm the 5th officer.
Our county set up a ID number system for all of our personel career and volunteer. This number stays with you through out your time of service and then retired when you leave or what ever. My ID number has four numbers and anyone coming in now have five numbers in their ID.
Our county fire chief has the number he was assigned when he came in as a firefighter.
This is for use for reports and other info concerning the member.
If you come back into the system you will get the ID number you had when you left
Has for radio call numbers we have a county number and station number for chiefs to use and the apparatus. This was so that units responding out of the county would be ID when switching to another county's radio operations.
If units go on the air its Chief 801 Engine 801 and Ambulance 801. The 8 number is the county number and 1 the station number.
Ours is pretty simple. We are station # 2, we have 5 stations, 20-24. A/C 20, Capt. 21, etc. dependant on what station you are at. Sgt.'s are designated Sgt. 22, 22-01, etc.
Hey David, my number is 61 as well. Has no real significance though, just one of the few #'s available so I picked that one. Chief is #1, asst chiefs #2 & 3. after that it's random.
I forgot to say that if a second pumper or ambulance responds it would be Engine 801B, Ambulance 801B. If a Deputy or Assit Chief responds they are Chief 801A or 801B.
Same way here Chief is 310 and I am 328
Sence our county uses 1 Freq. to page 11 Depts. including DNR we are assigned 100 numbers for each dept. ie: 100, 200,1100, etc. Officers are 101, 102 thru 112, then vehicle number based upon type, then radio numbers. We also have a man number that has nothing to do with radio numbers. Not sure this is the best, but it what we do.

PS: I sure am a believer in personel having radios in POV's. Sure helps setting up the run on way to scene or station using or own DPW freq.
Ours is based on your last name. It goes in alphabetical order. District 3 is the only one with this system in the County. My number is 622. "6" is where we (F.D.) are alphabetical in the district and "22" is me.
am a fire fighter from Antigua W . I how it works we are all cops (police) and fire fighters dual duty and your given a number that you used in the police as well as fire department yep thats how it works in our department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at my department its the station number then your call # so my dads chief his numbers 5801 i have no rank my number is 5818
the department i'm with does it like this. we have six stations station 1,2,3,4,5,&6 all station start with 100 as capt. 101's as lt. and 102's through the rest as firefighters. my number 501 i'm the station officer at my station. we have no capt. at my station.
In our department 11-19 are explorers. 20-99 are firefighters. For officers, they go by the # of the FD. So the chief is 23, 1st chief is 2301, and 2nd is 2302. Captain is 2304, 1st captain is 2305, and 2nd is 2306. Lt is 2307, 1st Lt is 2308, and 2nd Lt is 2309. Thats is. Plain and simple.


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