When I joined FFN, I had one thing in mind getting to know more people and extend my horizons as a firefighter/officer. In order to be more versatile every day I'm asking you what your favorite hand tool is and how you use it...


Please surprise me, tell me what special way you use your halligan, axe or hook. Feel free to propose tools you invented or improvements on existing ones.


I'm waiting to hear from you all...

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100% agree there
Never seen one like that... it looks short like about 20 inches am I right?
You can never go wrong with a set of irons if you know how to use them they are your best friend, and they don't talk back either.
D@*^ close good eye.... 19-1/2 inches and less than three pounds.

without it, any other tool is useless.
ummm...well Eric...that's a rather personal question and not appropriate to respond to here.....let's just say my favorite tool is always close by and always within easy reach..........LOL
I prefer my mind, but i also like the Denver(TNT) tool.
Hey I've got one too, but quite useless on a fireground... I'd be way to scared to scratch it...
The FUBAR isn't bad for a personal tool, if you are willing to carry it. I have modified it as you see by cutting off most of the lower tooth and flattening/thinning the adze as much as I can get away with. I also whittled on the forks some. I bought the commercial grade (less expensive) and it comes much more like a crowbar than halligan forks, so I had to work on it. I have used it for vent when the saw puked and forcible entry with wooden inward swinging doors, and overhaul when I found 5 inch pine boards for a ceiling. As an officer, It keeps me armed at all times. I looks like a vicious beast ready to eat things...mmmm, casement windows. Stay Safe. PTB
What the heck is that? You can use it for entry, ventilation, or to sack a village. If I carried that, I'd have to put Viking horns on my helmet!
Lost in translation ......... FUBAR down here in little ole New Zealand has a completely different meaning .........

Thanks Timothy for the pictures ............ now I know what you all refer to as a fubar .............

(Ohh if you want to know what FUBAR is down here ........ just ask :-))
Yeah, FUBAR...If Stanley comes out with a tool called SNAFU, we'll know they are screwing with us. Cheers!

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