I wasn't sure where this belonged, so I figured I'd take a chance here. One of the members of my department recently got the boot(no pun intended), and since she had newer gear, I got to pick it over. I'd been wanting to try leathers, and her boots were a bit bigger (hers was a 10, my rubbers, and fitting size, is 6) and since I have wider feet and thicker ankles, I figured it would be a safe bet, so I switched them out. Thankfully I had to put my gear on for snow and ice removal detail before we had a call, because when I slid my foot into the boot- it stopped at the ankle. Either the ankles are far too tight on these boots, or my foot/ankle is too thick. I switched back to my rubbers, once again, a 6 (4 sizes smaller), and they still fit fine. My question is- has anyone else found trouble with transitioning boot types, are all leathers like this, or do you have to order a special boot? I've never had this problem before.

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I have seen this problem several times before. You have to remember that a leather boot fits tighter like a real shoe or boot would. If you can find a pair that will fit, you might not, you will have to try different brands on to find them. I know other people that cannot wear leather boots at all due to larger legs.
Thanks for the feedback. I was also wondering if maybe her boots were female, and if so, that could be why the ankle was tighter? If so, I will just know not to order the womens then.
There are many boots I'd like to try, but there are no 'local' places, and all of them are online. I know that I'll need a 'wide calf' version, and all of the ones I look at plainly state "wide calf boots are custom orders and are non-returnable' and I don't wanna be stuck with a pair of unusable boots if you know what I mean! LOL
I just recently received a pair of leather boots after having rubber for years. Personally, after I got the rubber boots broken in, they worked great, it was because of gear inspection I had to replace the rubber boots and the dept is going to leather for replacements. We had several sizes to choose from and I was in a quandry to fit because one size seemed to fit snug and the next size up were good too. I decided on the next size up because of some extra play and for winter ops with bigger socks.

The new boots fit fine, but I do have to pull the boots up to get my feet in. Is it possible for you to size up with a local fire equipment vendor at all? There can be a difference between leathers and rubbers, but really, if the rubber boots fit, why even go to leathers? Why not just order some rubber boots?
Because I'm one of only 2 left in the whole company with rubber ones, and I'm finding that my boots are giving me foot cramps and was hoping that maybe leathers wouldn't. Its no big rush, just would have liked a pair to fit! lol
Nina, You might want to try a boot by "Globe" called the Magnum. It looks and wears alot like a sneaker. I've been told by a salesman friend of mine that this item is designed for just such a problem. Good luck.
Actually those were the exact ones I was looking into getting that said about the wide calf lol....looks like I may be making a road trip to try some on in person!
What would make you think wearing a boot 4 sizes too big is safe? Obviously you have no common sence! The width won't compensate the legnth no how no way! SAFETY FIRST! The next time there is a fire expo go try on boots untill you find a pair that fits!
I was trying them simply for the feel, and they weren't all that much bigger. If I thought that the difference was enough to be a risk, I wouldn't have even considered it. Its not like I put on a 14W. As was said, the difference in size is different between boots and brands. Just because I wore a 6 in my size, I could wear an 8 in another.
I could be way out of line here but...seems to me that no matter what anyone has to say about this boot or that, finding one that fits is an intimate affair that needs to be performed one on one with prospective boots. Taking a wild shot here I would almost think that if say, a salesperson for a boot company were contacted they might actually be able to help. I mean, at least he/she would have product knowledge and per chance....samples to try on.
Thats a good insight, thanks! I might have to talk to some of the guys and do that....
Nina, I have had to order boots for females on our Department and have found issues with larger calf's and thicker ankles. We ended up ordering them special sizes as boots generally are generic sized. Womens boots fit differently and are sized different then mens. You may have to be sized specific to your own needs in order to get a boot to fit you. What Jack said is true. Get a boot supplier to actually size you to the specific boot that you need. This is what we did too.

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