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Because "We're an aggressive fire department"?

Or..with more photos, maybe they knew that this fire was contained to the attached garage and went inside to cut the fire off before it extended to the interior of the house?

Or..."Because the Captain told us to"?

Curtain #2 gets my vote. The smoke from the front door is light and at the ceiling and the area inside looks quite tenable. I wouldn't want to hang out long enough to luau a pig in this one, but for a quick knock, it looks worth a shot.

obviously a simple question where pushing the involved back into itself was what I was thinking here but I like your response better...
property salvation, pressurize the home and pull that ceiling and stop the spread while your 2.5 guy works the outside
So you want a guy inside pushing it out while another guy is outside pushing it in?

Too many departments these days that don't see a lot of fire go defensive too quickly. Anytime fire is showing they seem to stay outside. Unfortunately many just don't get the repetitive training nor do they get real life fire experience.
Had exactly this problem last night. Crews working inside, while another crew had a go from the outside on the back porch. Slower departments just don't get enough fire to pick up the same level of proficiency as busier gigs. Ended up going defensive - debateable weather we needed to, but I'll defer to the OIC on this one.
My post looks like I'm being a smart-arse about the IC, I'm not. I won't go into details, but there was a judgement call to be made. We all went home, so I guess it's a success.
I would guess, because we were not there, that the first line was stretched to place a line in between the fire and the occupants. Typical Life Safety measure, now looking at the volume of fire in the garage, and the minimal volume of smoke coming from the main entrance, it is safe to say the garage probably had a fire rated wall and door, both of which were closed and at this point of the fire holding the fire to the room of origin. (Note the vertical extension is not uncommon as this is not engineered with any fire rating) The wall and door is just another fire prevention component that allows the firefighters an opportunity to search a dwelling for possible victims and / or allows the crew to place the line for a fight from the unburnt side mentality.

I note a garden hose on the ground, and dependant upon time of day and if there was a very clean and shiney car in the driveway, this hose was probably stretched to extinguish the fire and delayed notification. But the untrained occupant who stretched the line, under estimated the fire BTU's and the garden hose was quickly overrun.

The debate to put the fire out and your probelms go away is valid here. With the door and wall holding the fire to the place of origin, (garage) it is likely that a rapid knock on the garage fire from Side A with good GPM and Class A Foam would solve many problems.

Then again not being there, if someone holding that garden hose said, my child or my in-law is still inside the house, then placing a line between the fire and the occupant's wins everytime.
Why not? See if you can contain it to the garage. If the interior of the house was full of fire then... Defensive..... but it looks only slightly smokey...
Not many garages here to "Play" but wouldn't natural vent be pushing it inward anyway? The flame on top of the garage are pushing into the structure showing the unstable wind direction outside.

the way I can see it in my mind is by pressurizing the interior the fire will be confined to just the attic space, by pulling the ceiling will add a curtain effect(i.e bug air curtains on entrances to grocery stores) but still is hit or miss, the line interior will take a defensive stand and attack if needed IF it spreads.

the 2.5 outside is for needed fire flow to overcome BTU's for the fireload in the garage. In a Direct attack don't you attack the base of the fire? Granted you attack from the side your trying to protect, in this case you have the structure in between you and the fire... so... I'm not going to open an interior door because it'll just spread, Attack from the outside.

This is my attempt at tactics on a garage fire
I welcome input because it makes me more knowledgeable, and again thanks for correcting me, I think...
or rather thanks for making me point out it wasn't a defensive stand point
I like this answer, I tried to re-post my last re-post with slight interjections through out but it never posted. In Short I added the need for an all clear initially, and slight tactic explanations and then trivial fun argument ranting, awesome huh? thanks for the input FETC I look forward to reading more of your answers
That was my first thought: that there was a primary search underway in the first photo. My next priority would be to take a look in the attic to see if the extension could be cut off above the garage before it overtook the entire attic. Great lesson in quick thinking.
I think both an attack line inside to cut the fire off and a 2 1/2 outside is a good method for attacking this fire.

1st You are going to have to go interior anyway to pull the ceiling to get to the attack.

2nd You will be in a position to cut the fire off from the inside.

3rd A 2 1/2 will have the gpm needed to put the fire out, a skilled man with a 1 3/4 might be able to also, but the outside man needs to know what he is doing and not push the fire into the structure.

It all comes down to training and knowledge.

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