Why Does the Older Firefighter Have a Problem with Juniors/Explorers?

in my company there r very few firefighters that like the junior program is that the same in every company or jus mine and how come kids say stuff about us calling us wanna bes if they only really new how much we doo ....

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I was a JR in 1980!! Yes that is 1980 back in the olden days and guess what I took a lot of crap and did a lot of dirty work but trust me I could roll hose and clean with the best of them! Now 100 years later I had a JR tell me that he didnt want to roll hose at a drill, I informed him that he should be the first person in line to ge tthat hose and if he wanted to learn and get respect work hard and ask questions. I believe in helping out the kids but I can also see which ones want to learn and the others that I am wasting my time with.
Most of the explorers are very good kids eager to learn. The only ones that bug me are the a few loud mouth kids that think they know it all and that pisses me off. I enjoy teaching the kids, showing them what a career in the fire department is really like, but there were some that thought they already knew it all. Those types need to shut their mouths and open their ears. If you have to do a job thats not so much fun like roll the hose, scrub the toilet etc. just do it without complaining.
I just listened to an outstanding webcast that somewhat addresses this subject. It is one of Chief Billy Goldfeder's "Through the Smoke" webcasts from Firehouse.com. It addresses issues between the new younger generation of firefighters coming in and the somewhat older generation of firefighters who are now being promoted to officer positions. It doesn't 100% pertain to explorer programs but it does address many of the communication issues faced between the two groups. It's worth checking out. http://dynamic.firehouse.com/broadcast/2008/02/27/through-the-smoke...
yea its kind of like that at my department theres a few guys that you ask a question and they will explain in detail and show you how to do it and will come up to you talk to you about things then theres a few guys that wont even says hi to you unless you talk to them first
Those guys don't realize that explorers today are qualified FF's tomorrow. Keep up the good work. Go to all the training. They will eventually see the error in their ways.
Having been a firefighter for nearly 50 years, I have seen a lot of new firefighters, both rookies with no treaining and rookies fresh out fire school. ..The dept I am on now is the first with a junior program..
Let me give you all a few tips..
Yes, you have learned a lot,,,but remember experience is still the best teacher..the older guys will tell you,,I have never been in the same fire twice. every one is differeent..listen, watch, assist,,do as you are told,,treat the guys with respect and you will earn theirs.. Good luck, stay safe.
wow!! this is one of the biggest problems our dept has rite now.....we've always had juniors on the dept. now all of a sudden when something goes wrong, or breaks down it seems like it would be easier to blame them for everything even if a senior member was at fault or involed....the whole reason to let juniors on is so they can learn and train so when they turn 18 they can join the dept as a regular member...just because they are young doesnt mean they dont know anything or can't keep up with a regular member...i have to say that the juniors on my dept even though they are bout five years younger than me..they have taught me a thing or two ..cuz my boys kick ass at a fires and i wouldnt dream of workin with anyone else
Do not let others discourage you. You know in your heart of hearts where you stand and what you are. The others will learn one day when they see you in action or you save their ass. Tone them out. They are nothing anyway.
Yep, it's guys like you that give the explorer program a bad reputation. I'm not just talking about your poor grammar or spelling. I am talking about your attitude. Yes, your attitude that shines through in reading just one of your posts. "I show up on almost all the calls", great many people before you and after you have done that same thing. "(more than 75% of the other firefighters wont show up because they sum how have 2 work 24/7)", where does a 14 year old get off speaking upon real life scenarios? What real world experience do you have? Do you have a family to support, or even a single bill to pay? "its not my fault I show up more than they due", get over your self, you are nothing more than a fire truck chaser that gets to help out becuase it is easier than the chief taking responsibility and admmitting that his department can not handle its call volume. You are the type of spanker that will be caught lighting fires. You can tell me that I am wrong, but history and time will prove me right.
Back when I started as a junior we were able to do everything as a senior member so at 15 we were riding the front seat going in to burning buildings. but because of this some lost respect for the seniors . and they were butting heads then we turned around and we were the seniors . the best thing keep quiet and listen.
A lot of the old timers who run our district don't appreciate us juniors; then again they give the whole department the short end of the stick. We have a good working relationship with our chiefs. Most of the roadblocks we run into are insurance based, but we don't get support from the BOFC. As the new captain, and 3 yr. member i hope to make some changes and get some privileges for my guys, but its a battle just to get the old bunkers and decent drills! i agree with jeff, the best thig to do is be seen, not heard and give 110%. We can't go on runs unless requested, so you got a leg up on me, but i feel ya. Hang in there and stay safe!
I see that you put up with a lot of stuff, but our department doesn't even have the program and our chief won't even think about it. I am glad that your district does have the program.

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