I have wondered what the best blace for a radio. Ive seen them in bunker pants pockets on a radio holder with a strap around the neck like they use in new york or is it best to use a radio pocket on your bunker coat .What about the use of mic clips the best place for them.

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The way I described on how to wear your radio, was based on the extensive study done by the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue, that used scientific data for their findings.That study was done back in 2013, and was based on the Motorola APX XE radio model utilizing their UHF 800 Mhz system. Perhaps it's time that another study be done due to advances in  radio technology and also the fact that other depts. use different radio systems. I had posted the links before to the Fairfax County report and also a video from the Denver FD. I am only submitting this information for your review. Take the time to check it out. The way you carry your radio, should always follow your department's SOP's. Captnjak, yes the remote speaker mic, is best worn clipped high outside the coat. Some depts. issue RSM that have a stubby antenna, though they have less signal strength than a longer antenna. Yes, you want to eliminate entanglement hazards, but having the radio just below the coat bottom is presenting a low profile protruding object as opposed to your bailout bag, flashlight, etc. which are much larger. Besides the strap if worn inside the coat decreases the entanglement issue. Also attaching an anti-sway strap to the radio strap and radio case, eliminates alot of the radio from flopping or turning around under the coat. Don, you said that you have problems with wearing the radio with a strap, but then you also stated that you have always used the radio the way it was issued to you sans a strap. Believe me, if isn't going against your dept. policy, try out an adjustable strap. I am sure that using one with a slide adjustment, you should be able to find a comfortable height placement. If not go with a custom leather radio strap with a buckle adjustment system. Everyone has their personal preference in how to wear their radio but it always depends on what is mandated by your dept. as with any other piece of issued equipment.

Neither department I am on mandates how you carry your radio. The vast majority use the radio pocket on the coat. Some have purchased their own custom radio straps.

I personally don't care for the shoulder strap worn under my fire gear. I however would not tell anyone else not to do that.

get a strap that holds your raido 

Josh, is that reply to me? Did you read any of what I posted?

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