I have wondered what the best blace for a radio. Ive seen them in bunker pants pockets on a radio holder with a strap around the neck like they use in new york or is it best to use a radio pocket on your bunker coat .What about the use of mic clips the best place for them.

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I use the radio pocket on my turn out coat with the mike strap.
I am a huge fan of the radio pocket or a NY style strap, both with a mic clip. I've seen a lot of rigs that mount the radio on your chest. They look great for military and SWAT, but has anyone used these for firefighting? We do mostly bush, but any solution needs to be readily adapted to our BA sets as well.
Leather radio strap, hands down.
Leather strap as well. One option is to wear it underneath the coat, with the mic brought up and out over the zipped up neck. I don't personally like that mainly because it is difficult to change channels if needed.
Radio pocket with mic on clip; looking for a new place. I am having some difficulties keying mic consistently with gloves on when staying down low, occasionally mic gets keyed accidentally while operating.
The term "hand held radio" is rather eponymous, isn't it?
some times you need your hands for more recommended things like a firehose
I suppose if you're a "chief" you can afford the luxury of actually holding your radio with your hands. The rest of us always seem to be assigned chores that require two free hands. Dunno why that is....
I like the radio pocket on my turnout coat.
I like the leather strap thought about gitting one
Put it where you feel most comfortable with it, as you can tell you're not going to get a definitive answer. Try out a couple of the different methods, then go with what you're comfortable with. I don't carry one all that often, but when I do, and I can't carry it in my hand, it goes in my bunker coat radio pocket, without the clip mic attachment(Don't like 'em, sorry).
Radio pocket, for the need of changing channels. We use throat mics. I put the talk button clipped to my suspenders.

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