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State of the the time.
Looks comfy.
Luke, I am your father!
Yep Chief! My first SCBA when I joined.. Positive Pressure OR Demand! lol Glad those days didn't last long, but one thing for sure..with those, you learned the right way to breathe with a pack on.
Heck when i first joined we did not have the little select lever for positive pressure, was demand only for 2 years ,then converted to the positive pressure switch, and the heavy steel bottles ,
Yeah, me too. It's hard to forget how heavy and awkward those early Scott paks were.
Every department should have one.
When the young'ens start griping about their modern units with the light weight bottles and easy features, they should have to don an early pak and run a few laps around the building.
Give them something for a frame of reference.
wow, this brings back memories. When I first got on we had the old Survivair packs with the heavy steel bottles and the low pressure hose. Seemed like everytime I'd turn around or crawl I'd pinch off that hose and cut off my air. No nose guard on the facepiece so It'd fog up the second you put it on.
Yup, we had 4 of these when I started. When we trained with them, we had to put the trunk inside our coat so we wouldn't "waste" the air.

I still have one to show the young-uns, as most think I used a beard.
Capt that's what we had. Stunk on ice let me tell ya. Love the new bottles and new features on the packs. We had two valves on the regulator one was emergency and one regulated the pressure in the mask. Like I said people can gripe about the new features on the bottles all they want but I sure don't wanna go back to the old days.
Quite impressive of how far we have gone (thank goodness)! We all need to remember and learn from the past, but we are "living in the good old days"!
Yah, I agree thank goodness how far we have come with breathing apparatus technology... but what I simply DO NOT GET, is WHY people are STILL REFUSING TO PUT THE @)(#&@(#&!)(^^!!! THINGS ON at fires! Inexcuseable and no one will convince me that it is safe to breathe in any amount of toxic smoke.. EVER!
I usually say, "The good old days are now." usually...

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