Hello everyone, In my old station everyone carried different things in their bunker gear. Im trying to figure out what items would be best to carry that can be in both Fire and EMS call. So I throw out the question whats in yours, and maybe a reason why. Thanks.

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Our dept is small, and we never know what we will be rolling into, so I try to keep it simple but flexible.

I carry a channel lock cable cutter multi tool, folding spanner, 7ft drag strap and a 15 ft utility strap, folding knife, seat belt cutter/window punch tool, safety glasses, 3-4 rubber wedges, pad and pen and a bail out kit.  Works for me, at least so far............

dont forget the flashlight!

if i put all the stuff you guys put in your bunker gear i wouldnt be able to walk. my gear is heavy and way to big for me because we are a small VFD and they have tons of bunker for big men, but i do carry a flashlight, nomax and gloves... I have trouble driving the brush truck with my boots on because they are also to big.. lol!!

I have a small pouch in my left cargo pocket with the following: a Channellock rescue tool [the short one], a Stanley utility knife that has a box knife on one end and a pocket knife blade on the other (it's big and easy to grip with gloves on), a key tool, a shove knife and a mini fat max pry bar. I don't use everything every time, but I use everything often enough to keep carrying them. In that same pocket I also carry a large climbing sling (webbing sewn into a large loop, you can also use a 4FT piece of 1" webbing tied in a loop with a water knot), my extrication gloves and my left fire glove when I'm not wearing it.

In my right cargo pocket I carry: my right fire glove when I'm not wearing it, a second sling ( use the two together for rescue by sliding a sling onto each of the victims arms up to the armpit and crossing the loops behind the victim's head then dragging them, or as convenient handles for hoses [i.e. repositioning 2 1/2" or LDH lines]), a steel door chock that hangs on  the hinge (with reflective tape for easy finding in the dark), and a pair of trauma shears.

In my right bottom coat pocket, a spare flashlight ( it's a Coleman flashlight I bought @ Wal-mart for $25 and produces 120 lumens of light and puts my Surefire light to shame at a quarter the cost), and a spare door chock.

Nothing in the lower left coat pocket.

In the radio pocket on my coat I keep my remote mic cord with the mic pre-clipped to the  shoulder mic loop when it's hanging, because I don't use it when we're not on a call and once my coat is on, I simply attach the mic and put my radio in the pocket with the mic ready for use. I find the remote mic gets in the way when we're on EMS runs, so I leave it on my belt.

One other thing I do is when I lay out my bunker gear next to the apparatus, I put my ANSI level III vest on my bunker coat. It's far easier to pull it off and stick under the seat if we get a fire call than it is to put it on if we get a MVC call. Here's a tip: sew a button hole into the nape of the safety vest and the hanging loop on your coat will keep the vest in place as it hangs on the hook.


Bunker pants

Left pocket: extrication gloves and spanner

Right pocket: structure gloves and spanner


outside pockets: nothing my scba straps tend to sit right there and it bugs the tar out of me if something is there

Streamlight clipped to the outside right chest

Radio pocket: radio (duh!) :) and a pocketkinfe/seatbelt cutter/window punch clipped on the outside of the pocket

inside pocket: 3-4 pairs of rubber gloves (never know when you or your partner will need an extra glove) and safety glasses

I don't have anything on the helmet, no one in my department uses a helmet band for whatever reason so to be cool I haven't started using one either. But, I do store my nomex inside my helmet so it's always there and not taking up room in my pocket if it's not needed. (non fire type calls etc...)

Good question, In my left bunker paints there is nothing right bunker pants a 25' rescue rope and carabineer left bunker coat hose strap fire glove and extracation glove right bunkercoat fire glove extracation glove a set of cline cable cutters. Left chest pocket radio right chest pocket flash light. Helmet helmet band window punch right side left side 2 wedges left rear small multie tool right rear trama shears left side mounted light.

I dont keep mutch in my bunker paints pockets to hard to get to if I am in a wall breach or confined space or deminished space.Most used item in my gear with out a doubt is my trama shears by me about 12 times my fellow fire fighters and EMT's and Peramedics oh a couple hundred times they are realy glad I carry them lol. when my helmet shakes for no reason on a scene I know that my shears have been borrowed. Second most used item is my flashlights the one on my chest is always on when I am on scene and my helmet light also on when on scene

                              Stay safe do it right D. Huntley II

how about for someone like me, who does both engine and truck work regularly, we don't run medical. i already have chocks webbing rope screwdriver and a punch (windows) also a pair of cutters, should i get more

Only get something more if you think it's something you will actually use. If you do get something and end up not using it, retire it.

I do recommend a cutting tool, such as the Stanley Sport Utility Outoorsman Knife 


You really should hit your Chief up on buying you gear that fits you properly.  Poorly fitting gear will not protect you as it is designed to. 

in my jacket I carry Rescue gloves,fire gloves,safety glasses,and in my pants pocket i normally put my mask in and in the other pocket i put a note book and a camera for photos. and my phone of course lol but that goes in my pants pocket under my fire pants so it dont get broken 

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