send some pictures if yall want to

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Ok Travis, I'm going to go hardball here, well... kind of... and ask you what exactly are you asking? You've been a firefighter for 1.5 years now and I think it's important to remind you that your question was about trucks, not engines or other types of fire apparatus. The use of the term Trucks refers to ladder companies. This is why the folks on a ladder truck are called "Truckies".

There are so many different types of fire department rolling stock out there. Perhaps if you reworded your post to What Type of Apparatus do Y'all Have?

We have KME's just for the record, and we are talking all of our engine (pumpers) and our one truck company.

Stay safe!
bud they know what i mean im not from a big city dept when we talk about trucks it means our engines our brush trucks anything like that
We have a:
-2008 Crimson 103' Quint-500 gal, 2000 GPM-Ladder 23
-1988 American LaFrance Century 2000 Pumper-500 gal, 2000 GPM-Engine 23
-1999 E-one/Saulsbury Rescue-Rescue 23
1993 Pierce Saber Tanker/Pumper with a 1000 Gallon Tank
2007 Spartan Gladiator with a 500 Gallon Tank (with built in foam cells)
2000 Chevy Silverado Brush Truck
2000 Boat
1993 John Deere Gator
2011 Chevy Ambulance
1996 Ford Ambulance
a Mass Casualty Trailer
2 Pumpers.
1 Rescue.
1 Aerial.
1 Tanker.
1 Brush Truck.
3 Chief Vehicles.
These types of topics seem to be of overriding concern to volunteers. What kind of apparatus, gear, color of helmets and lights appears to be the overarching reason many volunteers are in here and moreover the singular reason for juniors. Asking for types and pictures of your apparatus falls squarely into the category of stamp and coin collecting; a hobby.

1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation:

1. Noun - a person who pursues an activity in their spare time for pleasure
2 Engines 750 Gal ea. - Engine 1 - 8 man cab Engine 2 - 5 man cab
1 Heavy Rescue - Rescue 5 - 8 man cab
1 Ambulance (ILS Level) (7)
1 Fire Police Unit (5-1)
1 Swift Water Rescue Unit & Boat (7-1)
3 Chief 4X4's (9, 9-1, 9-2)
We have fire engines and fire trucks, we are the fire department. I am with Jack on this. I liked Greenmans comment on another issue, we need a like or dislike button, I am saying dislike on this.
They are big, red, and pump water... nuff said
That is a lot!
Is it really the Queens land or are you free from her reign? Here we have Mary land, Mary lives there.

I know a lot of career firefighters wich your reply affects on.

I think your reply is a bit degenerating to us volunteers. Most of us aren't the way you describe us.

We're firefighters for the same reasons career firefighters are.
It's not a hobby, it's a second job.

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