I'm just interested in seeing who uses what for a pumper. 


My Dept. uses E-1's


Anyone using Pierce, Seagrave, Hahn, American LaFrance or others who uses what?   Just curious? 

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This is a great discussion question, and the answer is preference.  Take a look at the units available, is it a commercial cab and chassis? It does not matter what you choose, International, Kenworth, Sterling, Freightliner or any other commercial cab and chassis. The apparatus manufacturer will build on just about any commercial unit. Guess what, cab and chassis warranty is validated by the commercial cab and chassis manufacture. Another interesting aspect is the custom cab, The Spartan custom cab is not specific to E-1 or Pierce or other manufactures its a custom commercial by Spartan.  True custom apparatus are the Pierce Arrow, E-One Typhoon and Rosenbougher has a custom cab spec. most apparatus manufactures have a custom spec.  Now lets take a closer look, engines, Cummins,Detroit,or other engines are not specific to a manufacturer. Pumps are not specific either, Hale or Waterous, not much difference in transmission selection Allison is the one!! Akron or Hale valves can be specified also.

As a vet. in the fire service, I have a preference and it is Paint it Red, all of todays appartus have the same problems. re-gen, tires, batteries, electrical, pump controls, valves.  Purchase an apparatus that meets your needs and budget and take care of it.  Maintain the apparatus, problems are not specific to the manufacturer,  the problem is not specific to "B" shift either, Report problems early, look, listen and get a feel for your apparatus. All mechanical problems are progressive.  It does not matter who manufactures your apparatus as long as you have service for repairs. "Nothing pumps like Hale except a Waterous and they all need  proper service!!!"

True enough about lawyers, but then again do you know any "Lawyer Buffs?"  The fire service has buffs that care about things like what make of apparatus a department has, colors of apparatus, colors of helmets, what color helmet goes with each rank, what types of nozzles and hose they use, the tools they carry and more.  Funny thing is so many times the buffs know more anbout a particular department than many of them members.


Your insinuation that these topics stop other topics from being posted is silly beyond all reason and makes you look foolish.  The space they take up doesn't stop anyone from posting any other topic on these forums.  You don't have to like all the topics posted here, you most certainly do not have to read them all, and the biggest point is you don't have to post on topics you don't have an interest in or a severe distaste for.


Funny thing is color of apparatus is a hot topic at my CAREER FD right now.  It appears we are changing colors soon on our next new pumper.  Funny thing is according to you I couldn't even discuss that here by your standards.


Frankly, to me you seem wound a little too tightly for me.  I would bet you are a real ball of fun to be around at the firehouse.  Do you try to stop all conversations there that don't meet your standards of professionalism and that are not immediately related to a topic you deem appropriate?  If so you'd wouldn't last 5 minutes in either my POC firehouses, or in my career firehouse...Try to relax a bit.


We have many Engines and wagons in other local departments that are mostly white with either a red, blue or green stripe.  One county wanted to paint them all the same like they did for their ambulances but there was too much public outcry over it.

Our dept owns two 2000 Laverns on Spartan chassis 6 man cab before they changed their name to Crimson and we have a new 2011 Crimson on Spartan 6 man cab arriving soon. We only run one pumper at a time so one or two will sit in reserve. 

We have a ladder truck, ambulance and a brush unit but dispatch will only allow dispatch of required apparatus on calls.

 Years ago we could run everything on calls but the county started money saving requirements and control of dispatch of apparatus for different reasons.

Yes quite honestly, I have to concur with Don.  If you are not happy with the topic or the subject matter it's requested that you move on.  It's not my fault that you are a grumpy old cuss who is fed up with the Fire Service and just showing that you are burned out.  If you are so burned out instead questioning somebody's integrity and professionalism, perhaps it's time to start considering turning in your turn out gear?.  With new people it's all about attitude, perception and enthusiasm. Paid or Volunteer.  Though I'm not going to be daunted by your repetitive criticizing me on my 0 years of experience, I like to believe in the "Brotherhood"  I have high hopes, a positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm. I believe that great things can and will happen and I'm excited to just be a little part of it.


You appear to be the perpetual optimist, I'm sure it will serve you well as you enjoy your hobby as a fire buff.  Good luck with that. 

"If you are not happy with the topic or the subject matter it's requested that you move on."  One could conclude from your statement then, that should a person disagree with a poster who advocates, for example ONLY using a fog nozzle, that only those that AGREE with that poster should post their agreement.  [By the way, that wouldn't be a 'discussion' but simply a collective nodding of heads in agreement.]

Not quite sure to whom your addressing with regard to being burnt out, if it was me, perhaps a bit, but it's cyclic and doesn't impact either my performance or my ability to get along with others (who take the job seriously).  Thin skin doesn't last long in the fire service.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much, with regard to anyone's integrity or professionalism.  When a person launches into a diatribe (such as you have) about something so inane and pointless like 'what type of pumper do you have' and then tries to pawn it off as something other than it is -stamp collecting- speaks volumes about ones degree of professionalism.  You seem driven to defend your casual interests in the fire service by denigrating those that disagree with you (burned out, grumpy old cuss, etc).  Frankly it smacks of arrogance and pretense.  But hey, whatever works for you.  And daunted or not, having 0 years in the fire service actually DOES carry some weight (it certainly does in my department) and let's be honest, pointing out that you have 0 years in the fire service is NOT criticism, it's simply pointing out a fact that you yourself offered up.

Finally, I would point out that, in this post about what-type-pumper-do-you-have you seem to have gone off topic with a previous reply about color schemes.  While it's a topic that has been beaten to death in here (most of know that real fire engines are red) perhaps you could post another discussion on that.  These things will all work toward making you a better *firefighter* (should you eventually decide to go in that direction). Best of luck to you!

Geezus, this place is like a grade school playground.  Let's all puff our chests out in unison about why we can't talk about this or that, and then let's all stand around and compare time in and credentials.

Seriously, some of you need to get a grip.  The fire sevice is about many things.  Some people who are on fire departments don't give a tinker's dam about tradition, history, learning from the past, or frankly the job at all other than pay and benefits.  Then there are those that have a deep seated interest in the fire service.  Where we have come from, the history of the fire service, the many rich traditions, learning about apparatus both then and now, learning about tactics then and now, leather helmets, colors of rigs, rank structure, learning about the past and how it can serve us yet today.  Realistically most are somewhere in between.


The old timers seem to love to complain about the kids of today, yet what do they do?  They show an interest in more than the nuts and bolts of the fire service and you slap them down, irrelevant, unprofessional, unbecoming...What a bunch of presumptuous, arrogant nonsense.


Again, my advice, you don't like the topic, that is your choice.  Trying to bully people into not talking about something is a completely different subject.


Just so you don't wonder about me I am a 34 year fire service member, both career and POC.  You want to know more ask me. 

We have a '75 Mack pumper. But we are soon replacing it with a Spartan. We also have a '96 Pierce.
If you are getting a Spartan, who is building the rest of the pumper?

My department has a 86 Sutphen and a 97 E-One. The E-one has a freightliner cab and top mount pump and the Sutphen a standard cab and side pump. We are looking to purchase another engine and possibly a tower which we will be going through Sutphen for. The E-one we have is an alright engine but underpowered and doesn't handle as well. The Sutphen has been a rock with no maintenance problems and has stood up to every test it has been given. I spent a year with a dept that uses Pierce which were pretty good engines.

How do you still do the job after 34 years? Aren't you beat up like me? Thank god you don't have wild land responses to deal with. Life must be sweet in Wisconsin. I know the cheese is...

To be brutally honest Mike, I have always found wildland firefighting not all that interesting.  Granted, I have only fought one HUGE wildland fire, the rest were all in the 10 acre or less size range.


My 34 years spans 3 POC FDs, a gig as a part-time relief fire officer at a combo department, 7 years as a CFR FF for the WiANG and currently 14 years as a city firefighter.  Heck Mike I am on 2 POC FDs, and a tech college fire instructor now too.  I still love the job and can't imagine anything else that I would rather do. 


Beat up?  Perhaps, but I don't let it stop me.  I wouldn't dare to compare myself to a busy urban firefighter that gets pounded almost everyday.


Life is sweet in Wisconsin, I live a great life here. +

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