If you could pick any spot on the department, what would it be and why would you want that spot?

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I would love to be a rookie again. Going into every meeting and every call with an open mind, not knowing what comes next. Once things become second nature you are more effective, but you can loose the edge of thinking outside the box, or wondering what if.
I would pee on a sparkplug if I thought for even a second that it would help me to be on a fire department - any fire department again, - doing anything I can. I still think I have something to contribute, but sadly, it appears its all about disability, rather than ability.
I enjoyed being a Captain. I got to have my cake and eat it too so to speak. Still got to do firefighting, as leader of the interior team when warranted, or incident command and being responsible for.. well everything. I loved it. I loved taking the many courses, and learning new things.
I did have to relinquish the nozzle, and steering wheel - but the trade off was worth it. It was always a treat when I got to "play" with the hose on rare occassions, but seeing the result of my work was very rewarding -
knowing the decisions I made were beneficial (mostly) and learning from the chief what could be done better, was something I can't forget, but now I am hoping I can get back to work in whatever capacity I can. I would truly do it for nothing, but being paid would be a dream come true again.
Despite my situation, knowing that this job will infact cause my demise, I still would do it again! Crazy huh?
I love driving and loved being assistant chief. As an Assistant I got the chance to run fires during the day (vollie company) and was given good assignments on mutual aid responses. Got a chance to do alot of training with younger members and officers.

I love driving now that I'm one of the old guys (or so I've been told) but I would have to say Assitant Chief....
Where ever I am needed thats the spot for me
well....i´m always on the 1st team, to the good and to the bad...fires/extrication, and i enjoy
On a Truck, oh wait I am on a Truck lol. If I could get a spot on a squad that would be great too....Being a Battalion aid is a sweet job too, if it's in a busy Bat in fact it's like being on a Truck & a squad all at once. Only thing is that you must be a Lt. and the Battalions pick there aids. I'd have to say those are the top 3.
my spot wouled be a probie and the reason is to learn from the higher ups.
It's funny you would ask this. There's a spot of paint on one of the walls at the hall, and I would like so much to be able to get at it and pick it off. I find myself always looking at it. Seriousely.
That's the spot on the dept I would pick, for sure.
I like where I'm at right now. I'm in my early 30s, been a firefighter for 11 years now. I'm still learning a lot, obviously, and I still look up to the guys in their 40s and 50s, the ole' salty dogs. Hell, I'm considered one by some. But, I've also noticed lately that I'm starting to teach and pass things on quite a bit to the guys in their 20s and late teens. It's a unique situation, I think. I especially love getting on the line with one of the younger guys, being their backup man, telling them what to look for as we approach the structure, as we crouch down and make the push.

It's not crazy to want something that was taken away from you due to a physical limitation caused from work related injuries that become accumulative over time, depending on your personal activity and rank. To not love this job makes me wonder up front why anyone would do the job. Folks like your Brian, who were injured in the line of duty, making the ultimate sacrifice in so many ways will never be fair, nor will the turned backs on those younger who feel we as season veterans have nothing to offer. Silly people. We are destined to continue making the same mistakes over and over if we don't take the time to learn from each other. I for one Brian hope you have the chance to get involved again in some capacity. You need this... I know... CBz

Note: Can you identify which engine this photo was taken from?
haha funny Derek R.
Judging from the squad truck up front and the cars around it this is engine 51 from the series "emergency". This would be the new American LeFrance they got that replaced the open cab in the early seasons. At least I think it was an American LeFrance. That was in the days before product placement so they made things as plain jane as possible LOL.

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