We carry 1600' of 5" Angus supply hose on the engines.

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Supply hose? Our pumper has 14 lengths of 64mm (2.5 inch) - each length being a nominal 30 metres (about 100 feet). So about 420 metres (1400 feet). These are used for feed lines from hydrants and too other pumpers, and as attack lines if we see any need for other than our normal 38 mm (1.5 inch) attack lines. That amount of hose fits nearly all of our needs, if we need for a greater volume of water, or have a greater than normal distance from a hydrant, we call for a hose-layer that carries about 3 kilometres of 90 metre hose.
Yup, all we carry is 1.5" and 2.5" as well. Being rural, we have no hydrants. We either call in tankers through mutual aid or draft out of standing water supplies. We carry 30 feet of hard suction for drafting and have about 1100-1200 feet of 2.5" to supply water to the pumper. 800 feet of 1.5" for attack.

We have 4" L.D.H. here and we carry about 1000' on Engine 1, 1000' on Tanker 5, and about 1000' (I think) of 3" on Ladder 6. Our Mini-Pumper also carries 4" but I am not sure of the exact amount. We also have about 200' reverse lay 2.5" on the Engine as well.
1,000' of 4" on our Engine, 500' of 4" on our Ladder, all in 50' sections. We also carry one 25' and one 50' spare rolls on each rig in a compartment.
1000ft of 5 inch hose for supply
400ft of 2 1/2 inch for leader line
2qty 1 /3/4inch for speedlays 150ft and 200ft
100ft 1 3/4 inch trash line
we carry 800ft if 5" on engine 1 and 600 ft on truck 7. we also have about 400 ft at the station.
We carry about 1700 feet of 4" hose on our engine 1 and about 1500' of 4" pn our engine 3. Ladder has one 30' snake of 4" for the pipe only.
We carry 1000' of 5" w/Storz couplings,100' lengths, and 500' of 3"hose w/2 1/2" couplings,50' lengths, on each of our 3 pumpers. The tower carries 500' of 5".
1200' 5" and 500' 3" hose on our engine

700' 5" hose on our Quint
Average is 1600' of 3" and Hose Tenders carry 2500' of 4".
On our biggest truck we carry 1600' of 2.5 and 500' of 1.5
The fire department i am on, we use the common 5" rubber supply hose,1,000 and we also carry 3" supply hose too, and that is 1,000 foot of that too. we also use it as a attack line too. but it takes 3 or 4 firefighter to move tha t heavy hose around.

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