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Normally me and a few other guys do hose circuts. do each circut for 3 minutes then take one lap around the building then to the next circut. 

Circut 1: roll and unroll hose as many times as possible

Circut 2: do pushups on a pony section.

Circut 3: without jumping, using strictly arm and shoulders, lift a roll of LDH straight up and over our heads with our arms locked straight out

Circut 4: lay on our back, put the roll straight above you, press it once, then twist left and right to work your abs. 

Circut 5: Hold the roll out in front of you and do squats with it. 

Circut 6: hold the roll over your head and bend at the elbows lowering the roll behind your head.

Do about 4 of those and youll be feeling it. If you really want a workout, do it in your full PPE and SCBA.

I like that work out I want to share that on our site love to get photos of you guys doing it. Are you on the west coast or east coast?

east coast, Ill run it past a few of the guys and see what they say, that sounds fine by me, i just wanna run it past them and get some feedback! ill let you know though

Crossfit. Short heavy wods with compound movements. Also have some old hose made into a highrise pack for cardio work on stairs.
Fitdeck has a ff series that works well also use the TRX system

Hey let me know if we can post it I want to get up on our site send us photos of your Station working out. works around these workouts. Visit our site and send us some workouts of the guys at the station so we can post it on the site.

1 round each:

Tabata sprints

Tabata squats

Tabata double kettle bell clean and press

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