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You ain't right dude. You ain't right at all.
Fight fire with fire, Dude!

No more Fire :)
nice job FETC i was thinkin the same thing-ahhh the good old days-cough, hack, spit, pass the nebulizer and turn on dick cavett
Well, I believe you had asked what we thought of the picture. I say " I agree with my esteemed colleages!" Larger handline, postioning -yes, PROPER use of SCBA most definately. We could all do the coulda, woulda, shoulda. but the fact is this is a good view of what NOT to do. The Good ole Days are gone. I dont know about you guys but I like clean air in my lungs, Skin not burned or cut up. Go home to enjoy my family and friends at the end of the day. Stay safe my friends!
no air pack and redline ...he wasnt thinking
I agree.. this pic is good for what not to do. Exploding bumpers.. yes.. a concern at all car fires. As long as they were thinking of that. What about shock absorbers? Way before I ever heard of the potential of exploding bumpers, I was almost picked off by a 'spoding shock. I thought, wow.. whooda thunk that. Personally, I hate people making light of the fact that the guy was not on air. Bragging about fighting any kind of fires, especially dumpster fires, and vehicle fires without protecting your lungs is nuts. It might not get you right away.. it doesn't usually.. years down the road you might find yourself needing some help to breathe.. like a new pair of lungs!!! I don't have a comment on the booster line. I just remember reading a comment somewhere, stating.. "if you pull a booster line, make damn sure you can put the fire out with it". Good rule of thumb I guess.
I never saw anyone comment on Magnesium! I hope I missed it somewhere in the many posts. Has anyone seen the reaction that will happen when applying water to burning magnesium, which is prevalent in newer vehicles? Not saying that it was in this case, who knows. Maybe that fire was just a little bit of a fire that the guy thought a booster would take care of, and not realizing it was magnesium. POOF. Who is to say.
Anyway, I like these interesting pics, where everyone has their say as to what is right and wrong.
Hopefully we can come away with something useful from all the info and comments passed on here.
Oh, and NEVER make fun of someone who is protecting themselves by using an SCBA regardless of the nature of the fire. NEVER DO THAT. If there is smoke.. MASK UP!
being only a firefighter in training, and knowing almost nothing, id have to say my observations of this picture, are he has no SCBA on, and he is quite close to the vehicle, now for me to sit here, and judge what he was doing wrong, is in itself wrong, because im only in training, however, it is something i can learn from, and hopefully later on in my career, ill remember this, and take safer measures.
Magnesium was mentioned, first page, barely. The SCBA; yes we've all been there. Most all of us may have had that time or two while doing overhaul or final extinguishment at a car fire where the vibra-lert kicks on and 'the smoke isn't that bad', so we doff the mask and pack to wrap up. YES, those gases in the smoke will kill you, and we all need to be aware and protect ourselfs first.
The last Class A engine that my department owned that had a booster reel was from the early 80's. Like mentioned, the GPM restrictions are too great on a booster reel where a good flow is needed. Simply put, it is uneffective for most all firefighting applications except brush and small trash fires, IMO.

Why was it used, I cannot say. Maybe it is because no one wants to re-rack the 1'3/4...But I hope not. That is the easy part of the job.
I took a picture at a car fire(Chrysler Crossfire) at the time the water hit whatever was magnesium. A big orange ball in the middle of the shot. Welding rods look like a white phosphorus grenade, too.

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