On the East Coast most people know a great place to see A LOT of fire as a volly is PG county...well, what if PG county is a little out fo range for you?


Does anyone know of other similar places in the northeast? Maybe around NY, CT, MA or that area? Anything good around the major metro areas like around NYC or Boston that have volly departments that see a notorious amount of fire?


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Are you looking to become a live-in?  If so, I'd say just go for PG.  There really isn't anywhere like it.  I think PG is the 10th busiest fire department in the nation according to Firehouse Magazine last year.  Not many departments that are that busy have volunteers and the ones that do don't utilize them like PG where they can be first in at some of the busiest houses in the country.  It really is an amazing place to be.  It's also a great place to network if you're looking to go career eventually.  A TON of guys from DC work there as well as guys here and there from FDNY.

Have to agree 100%.  There are not many volly's in MA anyway and the ones that are here don't come close to running the amount of calls or fires that PG sees.  I don't think there is another PG in the country.  Can not wait to get back down there one day

Yes, come to PG! My (new) house is always looking.. 

Michael, where you out of in PG?

You're in the Friendship Fire Association?  Thanks for what you do!  Also nice coming out of a house fire to see you guys there with cold drinks for us.  Especially with the weather we have now.  Couldn't ask for better support than what you guys do for us at the DCFD.

Thanks for that.. I am a newbie with FFA, but it's really important work. Having been in the past (and just starting back again) on the other end of the attack line, I know how important rehab really is.

Stay safe!

You know, while this question is in the air, I'm going to add to this question...

1.) Are there any companies in PG county that run just Truck or Rescue companies? I've been brought up on a truck company, and it would be weird switching to an engine now...

2.) What are the local colleges? If I were to ever try this, I would have to use this to expand my future, not just for fun.

Thanks guys!

I can't answer question #1, as I am new to the department literally this month.

As far as #2, there are quite a few colleges and universities in DC and PG County. PG has a community college and University of MD-College Park. 

DC has 8 or 9 colleges and universities.

I'm going to add you as a friend, I have more questions.

1) Yes.  Berwyn Heights (Company 14) is a very good house with only a truck and squad.  http://bhvfd14.org/  However, there are other houses like Hyattsville (Company 1) which has both as well as an engine.  14's squad is VERY busy.  They run a lot of cut jobs being so close to the Capitol Beltway.

2) What type of college are you looking for?  The DC/Baltimore area is HUGE.  There's 8 million people living here.  So the list of colleges are endless.  The biggest actually in PG County is University of Maryland.  UMUC is on the same campus and run by the U of MD if I'm not mistaken.  UMUC has a four-year degree in Fire Administration with most of the classes being online.  There's a few community colleges if you want a two-year degree or paramedic.  University of DC also has a four-year degree but I don't think you can get into that program unless your a DC firefighter.  Not sure if they open it up to the public if it isn't full.  The Maryland Fire/Rescue Institute also gives free classes to all Maryland firefighters.  MFRI will hold certification classes all over the state.

There is also Laurel Rescue Squad. It has ambulances but they have a heavy rescue,  a rescue engine, water rescue unit and a track rescue vehicle for off road use. They were the first to have a ATV in the county.

The Laurel VFD has a tower, engines,  a ambulance and a few other units.  

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