What is the Oldest Fire Apparatus You Have In Service In Your Department?

In the department I belong, we have a 29 year old American LaFrance Ladder Truck. You would never know that by looking at it, and it is still in great machanical shape as well.

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we have i think a 79 or 78 mack one of the last open cabs made
I am the Truck Officer of a 22 year old LTI 75 ft aerial. She is old and she has her quirks, but she has never failed us.
We have 2 1975 engine, still running but really not in a good condition. Still gives good pressure though. i don't think we're getting a new one in the next 2 yrs. The bureau have issued a number of new ones but there's still a long line of stations waiting to get one.
We have a 1961 Howe, still in active service. Celebrating 50 years next year and still going strong. They don't make them like they used to.

Does anyone know the oldest structural firefighting apparatus in the United States. I know there are older brush trucks out there, but some of the members of my company want to know the oldest one that responds to structure fires, as well as other calls. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at oneluv4life314@aol.com if you happen to know of an older one, and where it is located. Thank you.
is it still in service?
Is this still in service now that it is overa year later?
When I was with Schaeferville FD in Illinois we had a 1954 GMC pumper that was used for brush fires. At the time I was on the department that truck was 35 years old and now they finally retired it about8 years ago.
I know that this is not a regular fire department but we have a 1725 hand pumper from U.K. that works. I was surprised when I saw it work at a birthday party at the museum during a Wet and Wild event.This is the one that they pulled of the the floor to do it.

86 maybe 85 gmc/ferarra engine
We have a '76 Scot truck with a King Seagrave body. Not sure what's on it for a pump. It's mostly a reserve engine, or used to grass and brush fires. Oh, and it was also my ride for my senior prom.

1964 IHC brush truck.First new truck bought by our dept.Still runs like a top but parts can be a challenge.Just passed inspection last week.Has 12,712 miles on it and has put out a LOT of fire over the years.I love driving the old 4 speed non synchro transmission,but a lot of folks don't.Amazing how many youngsters don't know what a manual choke is.

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