what is the most imbarrasing thing that has happened to you since you joined--(or before)

i think one story that will deffinately stick with me forever, not just inside the fire department but with other people around town that found out about it as well is my pager story----well so i FINALLY got my pager, nice new minitor 4 just sent out to get rebuilt and everything, came back practically brand new. here ya go!...so i always carried it with me but i carried it inside my front pocket and clipped in, all the guys thought it was stupid because i didn't have it on my belt in a pouch like evryone else did--problem,i usually don't wear a belt. also i'm not everyone else lol.-- so after a few months i decided to just start carrying it clipped to the waist of my jeans instead to avoid harassment.--all fine and well untill that one day. (this is where it gets really really imbarassing lol)- i had to pee really bad and as soon as i got home ran into the bathroom (had the stupid pager clipped to the waist of my pants and not in my pocket where it never fell out) any way got done flushed the toilet atarted to wash mu hands twisted around to grab the soap twisted just right and parer wasn't clipped enough fell off went and hit the edge of the toilet seat fell in before i could grab it-the amazing part is the toilet was just getting done flushing the pager somehow actually flushed down the toilet!-the next day we had to pull the toilet to get it. my mom's boyfriend had to go to the hardware store to get a new wax ring ofcourse i had to call my dad that night to tell him what happened eventho i really didn't want to. well he called everyone he could think of to tell them the story and told the guys at the hardware store to look for me the next day. small town and everyone knows everyone and i knew them pritty good and they didn't need any excuse to pick on me but this was the perfect opportunity for them.-same way with all the guys at the station when i came in and handed the chief a little box that had my pager in it insede a plastic bag lol. then i hads to explain to the whole group what had happened eventho my dad had already told them all- then durring a training night they decided to address to the whole entire scene support class the whole story and then present me with my new pager which was all wrappet ip with toilet paper ant stuff and had a little bow on it allong with a little flotation device they made out of styrafoam.

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lol yea it was just imbarrasing at first -mostly having to tell the chief what happened lol and my dad i vas more nervous to tell my dad about it lol. but its all good now it dos't bother me anymore because of all the crap ive gotten about it
when i used to run on the ambulance we had a call on I81 for an mva vehicle over the guard rail. we got there packaged the pt and was transporting them over the guard rail. i went to step over the rail and my ems pants split because they were a little baggy and old. when they split they split good, im talking about from the front half way up the back. it wasent so bad untill we got to the ER. the hospital we transported to was a small community hospital so all the docs and nurses in the er pertty much knew all the ems providers. lets just say its hard to give a pt report to a nurse when she cant keep a straight face and you know why. i got crap from them for the longest time, and sometimes still do.
One morning when I was paid on call, I was doing truck checks at the beginning of the shift and went to get out of the cab of the snorkel and my back pocket got caught on the door handle. Ripped a huge hole in my pants. That was embarrasing enough but then we had to drive the engine to the local army/navy store to get me a new pair of pants. It was pretty bad.
LOL!!! That is pretty funny! There was a kid on our dept. for a while who always wore his pager on his front pocket but on the outside. (Pretty much just to show off that he had a pager.) Anyway, he ended up quitting before even being allowed to respond to calls.

Um.... as for me, the first call I ever ran on was just a simple diff. breathing. We get there and I was just getting pt. info (which no one could read cuz my hand was shaking so bad) The pt. decides she wants to go to the hospital so we bring the cot in, load her up and everything is going fine. I start to load her into the rig and my lieutenant says "hey, u wana put her in the right way?" (I was loading her in feet first) yeah... that was embarassing for sure!!!!

Another time (this was either my 2nd or 3rd mva) It came in as car vs. four wheeler with injuries so my heart was pounding on the way there lol. We pull up on scene and the cap tells me to take pt. care (I was the only EMT in the truck). I said ok and go to jump out, well... I made it about two steps before being pulled back to the truck by the radio headset that I was still wearing. lol
one time early on we had a Medical aid early in the morning. I was exhausted so I didn;t realize I put my uniform shirt on backwards. The people on scene as well as the cops and other firefighters were looking at me like I was an idiot. I truly felt like a rookie.
OK, embarrassing but also funny:
I have a small business as a clown for parties. I am also an EMT on the East Brunswick Rescue Squad in NJ. One afternoon in the fall of 1997, I was in my “Tickles the Clown” persona, complete with makeup, flaming red hair, shiny red nose, and big shoes, driving to my performance for a company picnic. Suddenly I witnessed a two-car accident. I contemplated my predicament: in spite of my EMS training, I knew that I would not exactly command professional respect in my current physical form. But what could I do? I attached my blue light to the roof of my car and got out.

Approaching the dazed 18-year-old front seat passenger with the most serious injuries, I assured her that she had not died and gone to the Big Circus Tent in the Sky, and that I am here to help her. An alarmed police officer rushed over and frantically told me not the move the victim, but I stated that I was an “emergency medical clown.” The police officer allowed me to continue. The injured and still rather panicky girl insisted she did not want to get stitches for the several lacerations, so I suggested that I would try waving my magic wand and make them disappear, though stitches would be more medically appropriate. She remained afraid and in pain (and to my dismay, not the least bit entertained). By the time the ambulance arrived, I had completed the assessment and controlled her bleeding. I gave my report to the crew leader of the arriving first aid squad, who tried very hard to take me seriously, and I assisted in moving the young lady from the crashed vehicle into the ambulance (but not without first giving her a stern lecture on wearing her seat belt.)

I returned to my car, and seeing the smirks on the faces of bystanders, I remembered my appearance. I shrugged with a little embarrassment, mumbling that I am a Clown-Of-All-Trades.

A few days later, the incident appeared in the papers. Then a friend called and said that I was “up in lights.” From the New Jersey Turnpike, the newspaper office flashed the news headlines for the day: “Mother Theresa’s burial today…Yankees-13, Orioles-5…Clown aids crash victim.” My 20 minutes of fame.
lol....good one.
I started as a junior, and I was a junior at the time of this embarrassing moment.

I keep my suspenders between both of my boots when my bunker gear is not being worn, many of us do and some who read this post will know exactly where it is going and may be able to relate.

It was the first real call I got to go out on, in all the excitement and replaying the page in my head I got inside the station and ran over to my gear on the rack. I quickly donned it as I was trianed to do and I was doing great, had my hood on while stepping into my boots......thats where it all when south. I did not realize that I had stepped into my boots before pulling my suspenders out. Our Chief looked at me laughing hysterically and said, "Whoops we better try that again huh?" The other members were coming in to get there gear as all of this happened and they couldn't help but laugh either.

I now look back on it and laugh, especially since I see it happening to the juniors that we have today. However I didn't find it too funny at the time. The members still don't let me forget it, from time to time, they will say hey LT. remeber when................
When I was a probie we were paged out for a structure fire, which is rare for where I am from, so when the pager went off for a structure fire I ran out of the house to my station. While doing overhaul, one of the guys in the attic opened the hose and all the debris and soot rained down on me and the guy standing next to me burst out laughing and said "look the probie has been christened". Then when I walked around to the front the guys from the neighboring department suggested "lets roll the rookie in the foam to clean her off". When we got back to headquarters to clean up, I realized I had one problem with getting out of my gear with the guys there....I had on pink tweety bird lounge pants!! Boy did I hear it from them. The next day at training one of the guys asked if I had my pjs on under my gear and if I was comfy. I am now careful as to what I wear under my gear.
One of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me is letting people know about a valuable resource, FFN, that has members of the fire service community who cannot spell or put thoughts together. This has the potential to be a great site to share ideas and information. I think it is doing a pretty good job of that already. But, if you cannot spell or put a sentence together, don't post things. This makes the fire service as a whole look completely ignorant and it’s downright embarrassing. There is no reason not to use a spell checker. Type your post in Word if you need to and cut and paste it into your response here. This is truly imbarrasing!

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