When i joined my dept, I was issued the tradional rubber boots, which worked out well but didn't like them too much. I always had to wear 2 sets of socks just have the extra comfort and tighter fit. A few months down the road when I had the extra money, I bought my leather thorogood 14 inch firefighting boots and my feet feel great, fit tight and form to my foot. Wandering what you all feel about your boots, and what kind you have on your feet?

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we switched to leather and it was the best thing that ever happened....
Hello I've had Thorogood, black diamond, warrington pro and the last set that I was issued is Globe and I will never go back to another brand unless they go under, this boot feels just like a tennis shoe, no fatique or sore feet after wearing them even if i forget to wear socks it makes no difference.
I never cared about what type of boots I wore because I was always issued rubbers. I didn't know any difference. Different manufacturers and styles, but still rubbers. Then, my Chief began to issue leathers and my world changed. After wearing leathers, I don't want to wear anything else. Comfort, fit, durability, and cost. leathers are the way to go for me.
Unfortunately we use the rubber boots.I've wore leather mining boots when I worked underground in the coal mines.So I'd have to say leather boots are the way to go period.It seems that every time we got toned out I'm sitting around the house bare footed and it really sucks wearing rubber fire boots without socks on.We all live close to the station so pretty much if you don't want left behind you better get down there.I got a pair of slip on shoes I just hurry up and slide on and run to the station to put my bunker gear on.
I love my leathers, but I found that when I'm out on the highway in the winter time they are like ice blocks and get very slippery.
Started out with rubber and loved them> Chief "upgraded"my boots to leather and I will NOT go back to rubber.. gotta love the leather
Yup, leather all the way. A little talcum powder dusted into the tops and they go on and off really easy and stay dry inside.
Leather all the way
Believe it or not I prefer my Rubber boots over my Leather boots.

I have been through 3 different makes of leathers throughout the years and don't see what all the hype is all about.
There has been talk that we'll be getting leather boots sometime in the future, which I'm very much looking forward to. I find with the rubber boots my feet sweat right away and then freeze, blister and they're not great on ladders. I did find yesterday that they're great at getting you to the bottom of hardwood stairs in one smooth, unintended motion...
My rubber boots were always comfortable and a good fit, but we just got leather and they are very nice. A bit more comfortable and easier to walk in. They look good, too. Does this mean we can join the FOOLS?
I too was issued rubbers. I now have leather. The foot print is smaller than the rubbers. I am an engineer and I don't like it when the big clunky rubber boot presses on the throttle when I'm trying to apply the brakes. Tends to be a bit distracting hitting an intersection code 3. So, leather is better for me. Note... if you need a good argument for the pros and cons there ya are. Now it's a safety issue.


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