When i joined my dept, I was issued the tradional rubber boots, which worked out well but didn't like them too much. I always had to wear 2 sets of socks just have the extra comfort and tighter fit. A few months down the road when I had the extra money, I bought my leather thorogood 14 inch firefighting boots and my feet feel great, fit tight and form to my foot. Wandering what you all feel about your boots, and what kind you have on your feet?

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After 16 years in the Fire Service, my F.D. finally swithced out my rubber fire boots for leather boots. I love 'em. They fit like a glove! They're way more comfortable than the old rubber style.
I always wanted a pair of leather boots. But I still have the rubber ones.
C'mon, you're a Chief! Do it! You won't be sorry, believe me. They're as comfortable as my sneakers!
I started out with the with the long boots, then when I got bunker pants I got a pair of short boots both were
rubber. Now I have 2 pairs of leather.
Started out with rubber had those for a few years then I bought leather thorogood 14 " there great fit like a glove .
Got to say that Im torn on the issue, I love my leather boots very much, They are so much lighter and more form fitting, I feel like I could run a marathone in them but the rubber boots I have used most of my career were much easier and quicker to get into.
I've never had rubber boots do anything for me that leather cannot.
Started out with Rubber YUCK!! Now have leather = AWESOME!!!
After four years and three pair of rubber boots(all out of service) My chief decided to get me leather boots to see if they lasted longer. Two years later they are still in great shape. If he ever decided to go with rubber again, I would buy my own leather boots. More comfortable, better protection, and warmer in the winter.
Our Department has used rubber boots for our structures up until this past year, I liked mine but most didn't! Department just issued us leathers, w/the locking heels-very comfortable(but then what girl don't like leather)!
Only down fall so far is that when in the boots for more than a few hrs, they seem to be harder than hell to get em off!!
Totally agree!
totally agree, absolutely love my leathers but getting out of them is damn near impossible sometimes

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