I think fighting fires is cool, just wondering what everyone else thinks.  U get to carry radios & pagers and put lots of awesome lights on your POV and turn them on and drive like a bat out of hell through town to get to the station cause everyone no u is a fireman.  Then U get to drive in the firetrucks and spped threw stop signs and all that while blaring the siren really loud and listening to your favorite song on the radio then if U are lucky there will be a big ass fire that U get to fight and then tell all your friends about the dragon that U slayed.


Firefighting is cool and while U aren't slaying the dragon there are all kinds of cool shirts U get to wear to tell everyone about how awesome U are and that U fight what they fear and party with girls 'cause girls like firemen.


did I mention that firefighting is cool?

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Dude I think you just wrote about everything that my dept and I would like to think that every dept out there completely and strongly discourages. We don't fly through stop signs or red lights, we don't dress up our POV's and we damn sure don't turn our favorite tunes on going to a call.
But to answer your question. I love firefighting .
LOL good job Cap. Too funny.
glad you saw the humor in it. Just felt a little bored today and thought I would see if I could stir up a little controversy.
If that was meant to be humorous then I appoligize for my comments. My bad !!!!!!!
Firefighting is very kewl, its like taking something as simple as water and killing a beast, and to learn everything one needs to know is one hell of an experince, and I don't regret 1 hr. of being a firefighter for 35 yrs.
FFN is the kewlest!
Oh man I agree!! Firefighting is waaaayyyyyy cool! But ther are some things I like even more than slaying a badass fire dragon!

I love going to illegal burns so I can make the people put there fires out and threaten to call the law if they don't do what I say.

And I love going to really wicked car wrecks so I can tell my buddies how gross it was!

And I love going in to really smoky buildings without my air pack to show how tough I am...
y our u guyz beein so meen?
I had a suite at the Hilton one time. It was awesome.
fire chicks rulez!
did ya ask for da fireman's discount?

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