in My station

White = chief, Deputy Chief, and Ass. Chief

Red = Captains 

Blue = Lieutenants 

Orange = Safety Officer 

Black with green shield = sergeant 

Black = just a firefighter

Yellow = Probies  

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White- chief, deputy chief

red- captain

blue- ems

black or yellow- firefighter

Tyler, do a search on this topic, it has been covered ad nauseum several times over.

white chief deputy chief

yellow with blue strip station officer two blue stripes senior station officer

yellow  with red stripe qualified firefighter

yellow two red stripes senior firefighter

yellow firefighter

yellow red lettering recruit

I dont think this matters.

In my area;  Wannabe firefighters usually bake their helmets in the oven for a few hours to make it look salty and well used.

Others, we call them HAMS, wear so many decals on their lids we cant tell what color they are...

Glory Hounds usually spend hundreds of dollars getting a paint job for their lids with american flags, or "fight what you fear" logos...

We should focus on tactics, new techniques and tools, strategy...forget the helmet colors and light bar packages for your vehicle and what you carry in pockets. 

My Dept.

White= Chief and Deputy Chief

Red= Capt.

Yellow= Lieutenants

Black= Firefighter

Black Helmet Orange Shield= Probationary

Black Helmet Green Shield= Junior

"what do different colors of Fire helmets in your fire dept mean"

Like everyone else, different colors mean different rolls. Let's people know who is FF and who is officer or chief. As long as you know what YOUR colors mean, and that of your MA dept.'s, that's all that matters. ...pretty much what Moose said.

Nicely said Moose.  But for the sake of the member asking the question, in my Department Chiefs wear white helmets, Captains and Lt's wear red helmets, and firefighters wear black helmets.

Why don't we have a NFPA ruling on helmet colors and then these questions can go away.

White for line officers Black and Yellow for firefighters, Red for rookies and colors for everything else.

Can't agree with you that helmet colours don't matter, in my book they are essential to quickly identify who is who on the fire ground. 

We have a policy in new zealand  no other tags on helmets at all ever!! Same go,s for our other gear no patches or anything like that.

heheh...sadly seems like a viable answer, ashfire.

Ohh, alright...since I'm here I'll answer what you want and fallow the conformity of this post.

white= chief/dep.chief

red=capt & lieut.

yellow = everyone else

mismatched pants and coats...probationary and jr.'s

red trucks....yes I said RED... are firefighters

white are ambulance

white cars are LEO

red trucks that are not firefighters are tow trucks

boots are yellow and black

suspenders are red with blk stripe

we use Hurst rescue equipment

everyone has a pager...officers have a pager and a radio...just one radio though.

pager is Motorola and radio is icom

I have no stickers on my POV, nor do I have lights

no stickers on my helmet either other than what came with it.

It's the same in the UK and most of Europe.  Fire services around most of the world are run on semi-military lines with uniform and discipline codes and decorating your uniform with unofficial embellishments is just not allowed.

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