What did you guys think of the movie Fire proof, Backdraft, and Ladder 49?  Which is your favorite? Any dislikes of these 3?

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for some odd reasons, the producers think cops are better, more action packed.  ha bullshit, discovery had a show featuring boston's engine 37 and ladder 26 (the huntington ave express) and for some reason, that show lasted a season and a half.  had plenty of action and drama to it, not to mention comedy

I could care less how accurate it is.  It's a movie.  It's supposed to be entertainment.  


For those who want more accurate documentary type stuff try: http://thebattalion.tv/  They have 30 episodes featuring my department but most as kind of boring since when they do catch a fire, they can't go inside anyway.  Here's my department: http://thebattalion.tv/webisodes/dcfd

Loved both Backdraft and Ladder 49, don't know Fireproof at all.

1. Roxanne

I know, I know, it's not a movie about firefighting, and yes, there are no firefighting sequences, but it is my favorite "firefighting" movie.

2. Towering Inferno

Again, I know, I know, that last sequence with the water from the storage tank flooding the fire is crap, but the rest of the movie is pretty good.

3. Ladder 49

Probably the best in terms of a "firefighting movie", lots of lights and sirens, some somewhat realistic firefighting sequences and some pretty good humor (especially the drunk captain and the confession scenes), and certainly it tugs at the heartstrings as well as know that could be us one day.

4. Backdraft

Too much fake firefighting nonsense to be any higher than #4.

Bob, I agree with you.

Roxanne is a great movie. I wanna work in that town!


I guess not too much on comedies.

I would guess my first firefighter movie would be "Fireman Save My Child" with Buddy Hackett, Hugh O'Brien and Spike Jones and His City Slickers.

Then there were the  Three Stooges shorts or Abbott and Costello where they played firemen in a movie.

I have a book I bought sometime back that list movies and TV shows about firefighters either here or around the world.

Another movie would be "The Hell Fighters" with John Wayne as a oil well firefighter. 


Backdraft would be the top of my list.  It's on my "most played DVD" list (after The Rock, The Boondock Saints, Shawshank...).  I think I've only seen Ladder 49 once, and that was several years ago.  Now that I've joined the FD, I should rewatch them both.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the movie "Ablaze".  Picked it up in the $2 bargain bin at Walmart - and got ripped off.  I've had friends that enjoy watching bad movies borrow it, telling them to KEEP it, and it'll be on my desk the next day again.  Worst. Movie. EVER.  I'm pretty sure a group of high schoolers could make a better film.

I completely forgot about  "The Hell Fighters". That was a great movie...... Guess Backdraft gets bumped down to number 5.

I seen "Ablaze" It had ripped off scenes from a Bruce Willis movie which made it a bad movie from the start. I never finish watching after I got to the middle of it.

"Striking Distance".

Also ripped stock footage (including full scenes) from "City on Fire" and "Emergency"

Truly one of the worst films ever created.  It's not even good in a bad way.

"Into the Fire", a documentary by the History Channel and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, is really good. I like Emergency and Frequency as well. Backdraft is a favorite in my neck of the woods (one guy from another department reenacted the hose bed scene with his lady friend, they were caught), and I enjoy the movie more each time I see it. However, I like Ladder 49 a little bit more. For one thing, face masks! They actually used their SCBA! And I think for the most part they stayed low in the fire, too. For purely comedic reasons a love I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Nothing realistic, totally ridiculous entertainment value there.

Third Watch was a good series while it was on (I like it better than Rescue Me), and I'm waiting to see Volunteers: The Series.

Now, what is Law & Order: FM and how does one find it?

On a slightly geekier note: One of the earliest short films ever made (in 1903) was about the life of an American firefighter. So if you're interested in silent films, here you go:


BACKDRAFT 1st, Ladder 49 2nd. I own Fireproof but haven't watched the whole thing yet. I also like Towering Inferno from back in the days.

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