How do you see them in the line of fire? What are your opinions and veiws?

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I don't see a problem with female fire fighters they work just as hard as the men do they have earned the right to be there through all the training and hard work. I admire them for sticking it out it has got to be rough working with all those men in one very tough job.
Male or female, as long as they can do the job, it doesn't matter what their sex is. I have known both genders who can and cannot do the job.
well said
same as they are on men if they give there all and dont wine and bitch and get the job done and arnt in it to say they are a fire fighter but not act as one
same as i veiw momen in the military when i was in there where a couple in my squadron that where just as tough as the guys and the ones that want to be babied and sleep around you have the same ones in the fire service as longs as your in the first catagorie (tough) your good to go the other 2 i don't have time for
Are some female firefighters in it just for the men? Anyone want to touch that one?
A firefighter is a firefighter and plus it's kinda hot...
LOL! That's how it was when I fought Wild Land fire, everyone hooking up. Just sayin though, some story somewhere is going to break someday, and it will be separate fire stations from then on...
i agree with Mark, its a job that you have to love, its not about men, women, white, black, asian. Its about doing a job that you love to server people and help.
I have a woman on my voly dept, that is just as knowledgeable as the next and blew the guys out of the water when she went for her testing for the paid path, she was helping them off the ground when they fell out. she is strong, and a beautiful woman and i would go into the mouth of the beast backing her up anytime. So in my opinion they make a dept stronger an fun to be around.
I believe women can make great firefighters. I believe that as long as they can pass the physical and practical, let them do it.
Back in the 80s they allowed the first woman firefighter to join the Brigade. Every FireMAN predicted doom and destruction, the end of civilisation as we know it, where would they go to the bathroom, where would they sleep. It will never work!
Twenty plus years on and we're still fightining fires, no one questions the sex of a firefighter beside or behind them. Why? because women have shown all us chauvanists that they can do the job just as well as any of us. Power to them.

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