How do you see them in the line of fire? What are your opinions and veiws?

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i do agree too! brave? courageous? committed yes they are., but oftentimes on duty hours leaves the station to fetch children at schools.
We have two Women Firefighters in our dept. they are awsome and have knowledge and skills that the dept cant do without..
wouldnt any single parent or availible parent do so for their kids?
my ex and i were both with volunteer fire dept.(same town,differents houses lol),just took turns picking our daughter up or sometimes my parents did. we usually were on different times though.
yes, ma'm..earn it, i say!!!
Hi Melisa,
I have worked with many woman firefighters, and all of them could and have held there own in a emergency situation. So, If they are willing to give just as much as men, then I welcome woman in the service. Good luck and be safe.
we go through the same training fight the same fire in the same gear for the same purpose as long as they can pull their own weight a firefighter is a firefighter in my book be it male or female
I always love things like this. I'm a female, but I'm just as capable of going out there and fighting fires alongside my fellow men firefighters as they are. I've been taking a lot of heat from it already about being a female and so many people are telling me "Oh, you won't be able to do it. Firefighting is a man's job" and "you arent physically strong enough. There's no way you can do it." Well, maybe it's true that us females are not as physically strong as males, but we can keep a clear mind in tough situations and think things through. I'm not saying that males can't because they can too, and I know that they can, sometimes they can do that better than us too. It kills me though when people tell me that I can't do the job just because I'm female. Now, I haven't been on a call yet, but I have done some training. It is tough, but I'm very ambitious and I'm literally in love with it. I hate it when people tell me that I can't do it. But when they do, it makes me work that much harder to prove that I can.
haha, I honestly think my boyfriend looks sexy in his turnout gear lol. And he thinks I look sexy in mine lmao. ;)
I see women firefighter's the same as I do female Soldier's. It is one team one fight and everyone is an integral part!
We are a volunteer dept. of 15 members, if your interested in the fire service, then we are happy to have you!

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