How do you see them in the line of fire? What are your opinions and veiws?

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It's a hell of a tough dating club to join, on-line is probably a better choice.
I'm am ok with a female in the business, as long as they can pull me out.
Totally agree w/you on your reply.
i think if thay can physicail do the job then yes if not thin no.
I have no problem with a female firefighter.
Our Department has had at least one female FF on it since I joined in 1999
right now we have 3 and one is a Black Hat (Platoon leader / Captain)
I have zero issues with female FF on the fireground they add a different perspective
like another post said
Different sexes, different races, different religons the fire still burns hot in our soul and the brotherhood is still the binding agent

it is great to be able to travel worldwide and know if you ever need anything you stop a fire hall/house/station and people are there treating you like family
love it . at my house ,there is a short ff she is about 110 lb she is as tuff as nails nooo shit!!!!!
I am going to be brutally honest and not so politically correct. If I offend anyone, please forgive me.
Being a minority myself, I understand the plight of breaking down walls and moving forward as a human race when that same human race is what is actually standing in your way. Personally, for me it is not a question of whether or not a woman can do the job, but rather why she would want to. That put aside, every woman deserves a fare and equal opportunity. That doesn't mean changing the physical requirements because the candidate may be a woman and it doesn't mean overlooking a candidate because she may be a woman. If she has all of the requirements, she deserves a fare and equal opportunity.
If she is physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of doing the job and wants to do the job, then she deserves that job. She should expect no special treatment or considerations past what any other male candidate would expect. She should be expected to do the same job that I am expected to do and again she deserves the same opportunities as I do.
As a Black man, it is hypocritical of me to say that another minority of any type does not deserve the same opportunities as any other group. There was a time when Black men were completely ostracized, hated, and not welcomed. I would be no better than the ignorant ones who felt this way if I did not fight for all civil rights. Any minority who has ever felt a hint of prejudice wants only one thing and that is a CHANCE!
I agree on every point you make but one. Since when have women been a minority? In my life my wife and I are partners, but she's always in the majority!
Very true brother. But in regards to numbers in the Fire Service, women are a minority.

I have a lot of respect for women firefighters and police as well as ems service.

facing a fire or a horrific accident scene can leave emotional scars on anyone and it takes a special person to do the job.

A persons sex, religion, orientation or ethnic background  is of no importance and should not be.

there are a few jugheads out there who think otherwise and need awakened with a swift kick in the @$$.

I have trained many women over the years and many with different backgrounds as well, and i can trust them with my life.

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