Well the weirdest thing ive ever found was at a structure fire in a vacant house it had been vacant for about 10 years and i found a really old prosthetic leg and i still have it sitting in the firehouse lol

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The screeners at our airport called in a bomb dog for a suspicious bag which turned out to contain a sex toy. Feel safer flying now don't you? Heather if you read this, I"ll explain what a sex toy is just PM me....
I wonder if it was the personal ads?
Satanic Snake - LOLOLOLOLOL
my station was toned to a smoke scare in a trailer late one night. so we pulled off our thermo and noticed some hot spots in a crawl space under the trailer. so the skinniest guy on scene, my brother, was elected to go under. after spending a while under there he crawled out, and he was covered in what appeared to be mud. as soon as he unhooked from his BA he started gagging. turns out there was a rupture in the sewage line and the decomposing crap put off enough heat for the thermo to pick up. and my brother had crawled all through it looking for fire.... i believe that was the only time my chief condoned tailboarding lol.
Now did he recognize the owners....or the dildos...that's the million dollar question. :>
Have you ever noticed when they have to go grappling for a floater(drowning victim) they always hook them right in the middle of the chest or face. Those are considered CNR(Can Not Resusitate) patients
Think projectile vomiting
no thankfully on both counts
OK, well this has nothing to do with the fire service but it has to do with my everyday job that I do. I work security graveyard shift at well known facility here in the east, and in the short time i've worked here have kicked many a people of the grounds for doing the nasty in the parking lot at night. The funny thing about it is there is a hotel no more than a few hundred yards away. thats desperate in my book or maybe they don't want their spouses to find the credit card purcheses for a rm. Seen a lot of tna around here. Not only that, we have many larger employees that work here and when I make my rounds on certain nights, i'll find candy bar wrappers in the stalls of the bathroom, are you really that hungry? uh oh dropped my baby ruth in the toilet hold on... no thats not it to soft, no thats not it to papery..... ah found it. num num num num num.
We were burning a brush pile behind the station this summer and had a whole bunch of baby rabbits come running out after it had reached around 1500 degrees. (playing with the new thermal camera). While kinda sick they did sound like bottle rockets.
Hadn't seen this thread before.

Ran a medical years ago where the victim\patient was dressed in a woman's bikini top fully equipped with balloons and nylons on the bottom half.....shall we say?

That was rather disturbing.
The weirdest thing I have seen was the time we were toned for assistance for a double structure fire with entrapment. When we got there, the origin house was fully involved. When we got it knocked down and found that we were then in search and recovery mode, I was inside helping to dig for the body. I happened to look up, watching for signs of secondary collapse(the house was 2 story brick construction and the interior was completely gone). Despite the house being otherwise totally consumed, I saw a closet door upstairs with not only the paint still intact, but there was a still intact plastic hanger on the doorknob.

I have heard about the time before I joined that the guys were called for a house fire, and during overhaul found a perfect Maltese Cross in the smoke residue on a TV screen.

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