i think volunteers bec they try to put more effort into and more time

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I've always thought golden retrievers were faithful.
west edgcombe volunteer is getting a new tanker sometime soon it is a freightliner cascadia modal from rosenbaur

How old are you?
WP, do you have to ask?
With johnnie's profile photo - not to mention his phrasing - I really did have to ask.
I have to say this.....Volunteers are just like anyone else....some do and some don't put in their fair share......(and yes, I am a volunteer)....so please do-not make generalizations.....especially if they haven't been thought through...it only created bad feelings......Paul
Sounds like a comment a Jr. might make....is that the case....?
There can be people who are faithful on bothsides. But stories keep coming up of those who are making it bad on all of us.
There have been those who have stolen from their depts and other depts, gotten drunk and caused problems, got in fights, not treating sick, injuried or dying people correctly or not even helping them and the worst setting fires.
It seems that if you want faithful people in the service you have be sure they understand that they are part of a of something that people look to help them in their time of needed and not someone that will pick their pocket while they lay on a ambulance cot or rob their house while it burns.
I have heard the stories of the bad ones and hope that the good of those that did right over ride those stories.
Guys...this is a junior posting, he has no experience, and his sole comment on his OWN post, is to mention that his department is getting a new tanker....what does that have to do with the post?
Who the hell knows, typical random, stream of consciousness junior-babble.
I wouldn't say that exactly. If you love what you do AND get paid for it.... nothing wrong with that.
"If your(sic) doing it for the money your(sic) in the wrong career field." One year on the job, 18 years old, and telling grown folks they're in the wrong job if they're in it for the money.
Go play in the sandbox, kid... leave the intelligent conversation to the grownups.


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