A few days ago a lady said "my husband is not a real firefighter, he's only a volunteer" As a vol firefighter I was realy ticked! but chose to keep my mouth shut! lol what are some of your thoughts on this statment, and how would handel it if it were said to you?


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Best comment in the whole thread!

Dude...not trying to berude at all. But...WHAT?!?!?

Wow! You would be if you weren't all Colts fans! LOL. JK. Way to be proud of your department...

You and I have had our differences in the past. I hold no grudges, however, I do notice a pattern here. This is not to say that Don has not been wrong here either.

This argument has gotten the better of both of you. You have both made inflamatory comments and statements that were/are uncalled for. I am sure I am speaking for most of the people on FFN when I say, "Enough is enough!".

I have to agree, even though I see your point and concur, that your statement about Guardsmen and Reservists could be taken the wrong way, which by your responses, I can see that it was indeed misunderstood. I do not think you meant to insult anyone.

For the good of the group, I thought I would share this:



In the past I have suffered similar consequences. You are playing into this depsite your efforts not too.

I also want to say that I do believe you may have read too much into what Jack was saying. I think that his analogies were a little off, but I do not think he was discounting a Guardsmen or Reservists sacrifices as a personal perspective.

You did attack him quite aggressively. I am pretty sure that Jack was simply pointing out that other people make those distinctions, that he listed, all the time. He never represented it as his personal view.

This is just another argument generated out of a loss in translation.

In my humble opinion, you both owe eachother an apology.

I will not count on it though...

Jolly...I am going to agree with you. I just hoped that we could maybe make this a more intellectual mode of discourse versus perpetuating the flinging of insulting mudballs that have little or nothing to do with the original topic.


Thanks...Stay Safe!

 Lapo my friend, we all arn't Colts fans. I am a Steelers fan!  A lot of us old guys were fans of other teams. Long befor the Colts snuck out on the City of Baltimore!

  Just FYI, Befor the Colts Indy did not have a pro Football team.


 Since we arn't all Colts fans. That makes us the Best Fire Department.

Travis not to stir the pot but just a reply from a well thought out mathematical standpoint. Now hear me out. I was once a volunteer. But my point in many other threads here is it can't be the exact same.  Paid firefighters who work in busy departments have far more exposure than even a busy volunteer. Now I work in a moderately busy combination FD.  Last year I personally responded on 836 emergency responses. Thats not department responses, that is data on individual runs a firefighter took in. Then because we work 4 shifts a week, and train every shift. The FH database shows that my personal training file had 421 hours of training logged for just one year.  None of which included coming to work and checking my truck(s), daily or weekly maintenance, or my airpack, or the tools and equipment for an additional 208 times last year. In reality, if everything was documented it would be thousands of hours of training. I understand many volunteers are aggressive, go on alot of calls, or go to as much training as possible. I used to be one of them. But you would have to add in all the hours of training and exposure from your job or chosen career to equal the same amount of time / exposure / training.

I enjoy walking on the FDIC exhibition floor and saying to myself, "So this is where NE Patriots destroy the Colts" 

 Yes they do that on a regular basis.lol....  I am such a Steelers fan I married a girl from PittsBurgh!

  She is a Dia hard Terrible towel waving Steelers fan!

  The only bad thing is that on the rare occasions when the Steelers lose.  The Wife is not happy and when momma isn't happy no body is happy.lol


  Will you be attending FDIC in 2012?


Sorry, had to throw in my 2 bits. Even though they have stunk for a few too many years.

Pack to repeat too.

You make a good point about the quantity of call volumes and training career ff's get and how it's not exactly the same between the two. There's no denying that.

I might have made as many calls in 7 years as a volly that you had last year. We just don't have the population or call volume here. (Wish we did)

I still consider myself to be a professional as a firefighter. I take the job seriously, approach it as a professional, and put in as much extra time studying, and building my knowledge and abilities as I can with the goal of being a career ff.

Your right about career ff's having more experience, training, and exposure to the job. Vollunteers cant compete with that for the most part cause they are just that. We just aren't able to get that much time in on the job.

I can't come close to your experience or training being a vollie but I hope to join the ranks as a career firefighter soon.(Sooner than later anyways)

Stay safe!

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