A few days ago a lady said "my husband is not a real firefighter, he's only a volunteer" As a vol firefighter I was realy ticked! but chose to keep my mouth shut! lol what are some of your thoughts on this statment, and how would handel it if it were said to you?


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volunteer firefighters and career firefighters are the same thing.  same training, same risk, the only thing is us vollies don't get paid for it.

Wouldn't say same training...

How many times are we going to go around and around and around with this topic?


Just saying that it's technically not the same.  When I went through FFI in the suburbs it was about a 100 hour class.  When I went through it with DC it was much longer.  Not sure the hours but it was 8 hours/day, 5 days/week for 5-8 months depending on the class.

Words to live by, from Don Catenacci:

"Look, it is really simple.  Look at the title of the topic.  If you don't want to participate because you have seen it a million times, or you find it innocuous, or repetitive, then pass the topic by." 

"...you most certainly do not have to read them all, and the biggest point is you don't have to post on topics you don't have an interest in or a severe distaste for."

"Again, my advice, you don't like the topic, that is your choice.  Trying to bully people into not talking about something is a completely different subject."


Okay jack...how is that relevant to anything being discussd right now?


I get that you are pissed off at me, and don't like me, be a man and move on.  I stopped posting to you because I choose not to waste my time arguing with you.  And this feeble attemot to start it up again is an epic fail on your part.


Have a nice day.


Do you NOT read what others (including yourself) write?

It's relevant because you posted, and I quote you;

Reply by Don Catenacci 55 minutes ago

How many times are we going to go around and around and around with this topic?

It's pretty clear to me, you chastised me for posting on topics in which you felt, if I disagreed I should just move on, not post a comment.  Yet here you making a whining comment about this particular topic You clearly don't follow your own advice.

And no, I'm not pissed at you.  I don't know you, to me you're an icon to the left of whatever your write.  And since I don't know you, I neither like, nor dislike you. 

You need to put away your straw man argument; rather than address the fact that you posted an unnecessary comment in a discussion you find (I'm presuming) tedious and repetitive and I called you on it, you instead make some whining comment about me being pissed at you and not liking you.

Gee...insecure much?

Have a sparkling day, and stay safe.

Did you read any of my other comments on this topic to see what I have said?  Or are you just another internet stalker waiting to pounce on me?


Do you understand the meaning of a rhetorical question?  Because that what it was. 


The truth is I haven't posted a word to you since our argument here.  You look like a child throwing a tantrum when you come back after me over an off hand rhetorical question.  You say I was whining, I say you need to grow up and let it go.  I am done with you because all you want to do is snipe and play idiotic playground games.


Let it go...I am.


Have whatever kind of day you like.


I am a volunteer fire fighter. If it was not for volunteer fire fighters the paid departments would never been made. there are more volunteer department in USA then paid department. Volunteer fire fighters are on call 24/7 and paid fire fighters are on call for 24 hours and off for 48 hours. I have a lot of friends that are paid fire fighter but we all have the same job to do when the call come out.


Frankly I could give a crap less if this is the stuff you need to tell yourself but seriously, the "vollies are on call 24/7" rhetoric is getting pretty damn outdated and frankly it is really not true. If you truly were on call 24/7, this means you would never leave the district, you would never have an alcoholic drink, there would never be an issue to leave work or a family function, you would make every call paged out, (including the pukers and nasty calls), there wouldn't be selective response for structure fires vs the sick old woman.


Let's also see, even though I work a 24 hour shift, I also have to go on every single call that is toned out our way, irregardless of the call. I go out for that intoxicated puker and can miss the exciting structure fire call about the same time. Yet even after my shift is over and I can go home, I am still subject to recall and ordered back in because of short personnel or a major incident. This mantra that the job just ends when the shift ends is also a load of crap, because quite frankly, the reason I happen to get paid to do the job as well as go home, is because the call volume, demographics, response times, and service level the community demands.

hehe classic catenacci, keep throwing up straw men.

internet stalker, lol really?  dang don paranoid much?  Funny (as it always is with you) that you can comment, but if I do, it's internet stalking.  Just how many straw men do you have?

'...child throwing a tantrum..." yet one more strawman. 

But at least now it's clear(er), everyone else needs to just move on if they don't like a post, but Don Catennaci plays by another set of rules (ones which, apparently, allows for HIM to post (even rhetorically) while demanding that others must move on.

lol...hypocrite much?

I'm going to have a great (but very wet) day, hope yours is better.

Reading back through this post, I came up with one important conclusion from all the volunteer or POC firefighters... You all suck. About now, you should be saying, Really? Here's why you all suck...

Unlike the area where I live, your communities enjoy having a fire department made up of people that know the community and the people in it.
I was invited to be an honorary member of a couple of FFN members departments on the right coast, having a chance to read posts about dinners, social functions, who needs help, etc. This is why all volunteer fire departments suck because they continuously since the days of Benjamin Franklin sucked all the fun compared to the career fire departments.
Ask any career FF if going to work is fun. Not always, sometimes it sucks in a different way. I have yet to read any Volunteer or POC FF here on the FFN who does not express pride and love for doing the same job anyone does who gets in a fire engine and responds to someone's cry for help.
What really sucks for me personally is that I do not have the option of volunteering as a FF in my community because there is only career departments where I live. That sucks for me... But not for you. Life's not fair sometimes, in fact it just plain sucks. (sigh...)

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