Do you believe there is or should be an understood code of ethics that should guides firefighters both on and off duty. Should disciplinary actions be taken in incidents where a firefighter’s behavior off duty does not fall within this code of ethics and ought to have been known to be an unacceptable behavior for a firefighter on or off duty?

If you believe that there is an understood or should be an understood code of ethics that should guide firefighter both off and on duty what would it be.

What would you do in a situation where a firefighter is charged with a criminal activity which does not directly relate to the fire service and was not committed while on duty  such as theft or assault ? Should what happens off duty be left out of the service? or should it be dealt with internally

Should Firefighters be held to a higher standard because of the position they serve?

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This is a very LOADED QUESTION: With that being said Captain Busy (Retired) put it best. I just want to add one thing that I have learned from a very good friend and officer. The quote reads;"We are all Born with Common Sense, but it is the Good Sense" that we don't use is what gets US (The Fire Service) in TROUBLE.....JKJ
Thoughts from a "Jr."

Everything you do should be a reflection of your honor, integrity and character, as well as those you represent.

Just my .02
I think you hit the nail on the head.
This very thing-due process-is very important. When someone is accused of something the rules and procedures must be followed to get a conclusion. Making a decision before that happens is wrong and anti-American.
I keep saying this there is nothing more adult than being a firefighter act like an adult.
A little story we are a vollie dept, I was at the local quickmart and as child about 5 years old said "look mommy a fireman". I had no dept shirt on not even a pager. So where did he remember me from?
Now what if I would have been acting like a fool? How would that have that looked to that child? Maybe a let down to him, I know it would have been a let down to myself and Dept.
I feel no matter what you are doing off duty you are still representing your deptartment. You should be professional and act in the same matter where you are, if you break the law, then you broke not only the law but put a bad name in a sense for your department.

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