How long (approx) has your chief been at your FD? What is the name of your FD?

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30 years, Greenville Twp Fire Dept
Either Or. Its interesting to know some of the other dept stats
The chief changes very quick.. One guy decides he has enough gets a bunch of people who never show up for meetings and boom chief,till everyone gets pissed and well the next man on the choping

Oxbow 33
fighten 33
Lubbock Fire Dept.
Lubbock, Texas

Rhea Cooper
30+ years on the dept.
13 years as Deputy Chief of Operations
3 years as Fire Chief
I think there should be a set term in office, there seems to be Chiefs in my area with too many years as chief, and it does not allow for others to climb the ranks and have a crack at leading the department. Its too political for me anymore, and I realy have lost interest in the whole deal...tired of clicks, and rumor mongering people who use their office to bully the people they dont like for whatever their reasons. Im also tired of these same clicks changing the rules so that their buddies, or relation can have it easier to do what they want. Its supposed to be a para-military organization, with firm, strict rules to follow, but in the volunteer service its too far gone for that, and you can thank these people who bend the rules to suit their needs because they are too lazy to get the training...they just want the title and the power that comes with it.

Sorry...end of rant.

Chiefs in my area can be in office for as long as the membership votes them in, and usually the membership are too scared to nominate anyone to run against them because they might get in trouble with the Chief if he/she stays in office, so they usually keep voting in the same chief until they voluntarily step down or retire. Thats why I call it a "Popularity Contest" instead of elections.
Its been like 17 years. It seems that way in my area also, when you become chief your usually there for a good while, the lower ranks change especially the captain and Lts, but rarely the chief does.

Oklahoma VFD Pennsylvania
Current Chief 4 years as the Chief, he's been with the Dept for 24 yrs (founding member)
Jasper County Tri-community VFD
Magnolia Springs, TX
Our chief has been a memeber of Bellevue for 23.5 years. He's been a firefighter a total of 30 years. And has been our chief for 2.5 years, but hopefully many more to come :-) We have had quite a few Chiefs in the past few years, but I think we've found one we'll be happy to stick with.

Bellevue VFC
Station 108
Bellevue, PA
We just hired a new fire chief who comes to us from the Los Angeles County Fire Department where he was working as the deputy fire chief. We are really stoked to have this guy with his background as a paramedic (he's maintained his certs still!), hazmat and special ops. He was responsible for obtaining the FireHawk helicopters which were instrumental in saving several homes here in Santa Barbara during the last few fire storms that we were faced with.
Hi Cap, I was confused a bit. I thought the one you are referring to is Chief Tom Franklin. Then was cleared to me that it was Mike Dyer your talking about when I checked your local news paper. (at the link below)

Well good luck to your new Chief Michael Dyer.
Thanks for the input

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