well we had the jr meeting tonight and we all moved our gear from one end of the building to the other... almost every person was missing sonething we just thought it was misplaced... then the firefighters who help us showed up and while we were in the meeting one of the firefighters had all his gear stolen from his truck at the firehouse. idk if the two things are related or not, but wat i really wanna know is who would steal turnout gear? anyone ever had an issue with this?

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I've never heard of anyone getting their gear stolen before. Why would someone steal it??? Because its expensive!!! I think most of us forget exactly how much a full set of turnout gear costs from helmet to boots. I know my dept. just ordered a few new sets for the guys who had really worn out gear and it cost just under $5000 for one set. Anybody could really sell the stuff just about anywhere if they wanted to. Hopefully, its somebody at your own dept. just messing around trying to be funny. Although, thats really not funny and not smart. My dept. has a very strict policy on peoples gear. Unless you have permission from the person, dont even think about touching their gear in any way shape or form. As vollies, we never know when were gona get that big fire and we never know when we are gona need our gear. I hope you find your gear and good luck, stay safe
This has been mentioned in another thread Monty - on here? On another site? I can't remember, but we don't let anyone play if we don't know them, PPE or not.
I can't remember either Tony.

We have the same rules as you guys, if we don't know you then you don't get on the playing field. We, like you are starting to really tighten up on this, especially around wildland fires.
I vote death penalty...who's with me?
There have been notices put out about apparatus being stolen to use by terrorists and not that I am saying this is what it is going to be used for but, there is that possibility. It is a sad thing to think that this could happen and that now you are down a member who can't fight a fire or work an accident because he doesn't have PPE.

In my department I use to keep my gear at my station and it took only once for me to find my gloves and nomax hood missing for me to keep it in my car now. It was probably one of the other members who decided that they needed them and didn't want to wait and ask an officer for the stuff. I guess they felt they needed it more than I did. We have never had a full set of gear stolen before. Hope you find it and an idea is your department is maybe to put in cameras. We have cameras in all the bays. It may not seem like a great idea to some but it will deter anyone from thinking that they wont be caught. It has helped in our department.... Good luck....
It happens from time to time around here. Terrorists? No. It's normally a wannabe who has applied to various departments and been turned down, or a disgruntled ex-member. At least thats how it has been around here. There are departments who have had gear, radios, axes, etc taken at one time or another. Good inventory control with each item identified by number or code usually gets most of it back and the thief charged and convicted. The Harris County, TX area has a network in place which notifies all the area departments when this occurs, and has been successful in tracking down most of the thefts.
We had some one try and break into where our gear was .......they just weren't smart enough to do it right...it was earlier this week...
From the sound of it you have thought about it...but my question is why would they want to create mischief at a fire? You could get someone killed...................what exactly would they want to get away with anyway...

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