How hard is it to be able to obtain the training you need for certification? What if any is your volunteer dept training schedule, what is the approximate amount of hours you can usually obtain and what is your states' requirement to be a certified firefighter?

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18 hrs of CE in Ohio and that sure is not enough in my book.36 hrs for certification just enough to get you in trouble. We provide 120 hrs worth a year not counting other classes with contless more hrs you can never have enough training.
We do atleast two trainings per month at a minimum 4 hours each, you must attend atleast one if you miss more than 3 consecutively you are dismissed. You have to complete 36hrs. of training to be eligible to come of probation. You also have to complete the state FF1 certification course before you are allowed to perform interior attack. That is just for our department I know we exceed what the state asks but dont remember all the details.
Sadly there is no requirement of certification in Illinois, there are must do’s like fit tests and physicals to name a couple and they want 24hrs of CEU’s. We fall short of anything “mandatory” it’s that volunteer thing, but failure to meet the 24 is reviewed and you may be dismissed. We hold 27 training events during the year with an SOG on how many you can miss (not many) and it’s highly recommended that you attend at least 1 of the several outside schools a year. We also recommend you obtain FF II certification, currently 75% of the membership have this and to become a line officer it’s the minimum. It’s a little strange in Illinois as far as certs, there is no FF I only II and III; now you cover 24 subjects and it starts with essentials I,II,III and IV (FF I) and are the same subjects through FF III just a little more involved…make any sense? FF II is a 240hrs course. Illinois certification is considered by many experts to be in the top 3 in the nation along with Florida and…..I can’t remember the 3rd, New York would be the obvious but I think it’s Oklahoma.
in new zealand its different for volunteers and permanent staff
vollys a recruit / will generally take 48 hours of solid training plus at home theory before being admitted on to a ff level course which is approx 63 hours then post sign off is approx another 48 hours worth of on the job work after that
this gives you interior attack
for the perms its another ball game completely that's 540 hours = 12 weeks of theory and practical this gives them ff level
again this gives interior attack which if im right is the same as your ff1
after that's all done there is the qualified fire fighter for the vollys repeat the above with more nuts and bolts attached
perms is different again correspondence classes x2 practical stages and final test and again post course sign off
then we get senior ff which is more officer in charge
we do a total of 10 hrs a month in house
In Maryland, its 102 hours for firefighter 1. We have scheduled drills throughout the month.
In SC it's 90 hrs for basic FF, after that our dept requires; Medical first responder, Emergency Veh Driver, Basic auto extrication,Flamable Liquids and Gas fires training, then monthly drills of 4 to 8 hrs at a time.
I agree our hospital fitness center offers free membership to FF
It isnt hard at all to receive the necessary training to be State certified as NFPA Firefighter 1. We set up our training schedule for at least a year in advance and cover all the necessary components to meet the annual refresher training requirements or level for our firefighters of 90 hours per year. This combined with 6 months of training and participation with a Department will meet the training requirements for a new person to be able to take the State test to get their NFPA FF1 certification. Just requires your time of one drill every week for 3 hours. No biggee...................
Ohio is not very hard to obtain your certs. We have 3 Fire cert levels 1A , 1B, and 1C. 1A is the minimum standard for vollie it is a 42 hour class. 1B is minimum for part time it is a 120 hour class and 1C is full time requirment and it is 240 hour.

We have an abondance of fire schools in the state. in southwest ohio, where i am from we have 2 schools that offer fire and ems as high school programs. Upon graduation or your 18th birthday, whichever comes last, you recieve your certs. In total the south west corner has 3 academies with the state 2.5 hours away. So it is very easy to obain.

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