Im wondering who usely does treffic control in your area and whos duty is it?( Im reffering to agentceis here such as fire service or police.)

p.s. this is not ment to be dirty landry or stupid in any way

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We usually have PD control traffic for us, there are times when we have enough personel that we will assist with traffic control.
Any station that has Fire/Police knows just how nice it is to just respond to the scene and take care of business knowing that these guys are going to cover their backs. In our district our PD does not even bother with it because our FP units got it covered and take are of it until FD clears the scene. Just to think of a station working without these guys is a shame. Once you have them you will never want to be without them again. BE SAFE YOU ALL.
the spelling police have found that you are in violation of the very basic english language.....please repost this....
We usually utilize our people that are trained and yes, certified and sworn in as Fire Police...believe it or not Fire Police ARE now considered as Peace Officers ...
99.99% of the time it's LEOs. But I've been on a couple of incidents, wires down across the roadway, were we've taken care of TC until the SO was able to get on scene. We never have an extra guy around to keep cars off our supply lines, etc.
If its a quick job, we do it... Unless we get on the radio saying we are closing the road the police pretty much turn up straight away...
Or if its going to be a major situation (and long) we can get in SES volunteers (volunteer state emergency services) or the police.
Police, road maintenance crews or local government workers. We are not trained or certified to manage traffic. The most we can do, as the final option in the absence of these agencies is to close the road. We are not permitted to direct traffic at all, i.e. to give directions or alternative routes. I think this is the crazy liability laws that we are becoming more and more subject to. Apparently if we direct a car to an alternative route and they have an MVC we could be culpable!!!
Our SOG is to dedicate at least 1 spotter, regardless of how shorthanded. The bulk of our calls being on a major interstate, way to many idiot drivers. Spotter's job is to protect us, radio or holler back to "watch out" when one of those idiots approach, this as saved our ass more then once. I vote we allow the use of paint-ball guns to mark these idiots for later citations.
use of paint-ball guns to mark these idiots for later citations

A maglight in the windshield works well too.... or so I am told. ;}
Works well....just sayin
Hollering doesn't work well....go to a whistle or something else "off sounding" for the call.....I have a "storm whistle" it is very loud and can be heard from great distances....we sometimes utilize FRS radios instead of our portables...different frequencies and they can't be listened into....
Gary if you have people take the Fire Police class that takes care of the problem...

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