What is this, and what are its uses(See attachment)?  I would like to leave this question to the newest generation of firefighters, say 4-5 years experience or less.  Anyone is free to chime in, of course, but I would like for the more experienced guys and gals to wait until a few of the newbies have taken a stab at it.  Personally, I have found this to be an invaluable tool, and if you don't have one, GET ONE!

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Great replies, guys. It is a hose rope/hose strap tool. Using it in a girth hitch it can be used to drag anywhere from 2", 2-1/2", and 3" charged hose line(fire attack or supply line), either with the handle or over the shoulder. I find over the shoulder easiest, you have more leverage and use more of your lower body and leg strength. Keep your arms from turning to rubber until you absolutely need them. It's pretty pointless to use this tool to drag 1-3/4" or smaller hose line, though obviously it can be done. It can also be used to secure a charged hand line over a ladder, banister, balcony or an open stairwell. And this tool can also be used for victim and downed firefighter rescue, over the chest, under the arms, with the handle coming up the backside of the head. Like I said, if you don't have one, I highly suggest you get one.
You can do the same thing with a 10-15' piece of webbing.... and its lighter... just sayin
Holy crap! If by "new age", you mean "pay off the tooling fees for the dept that got them made", then yes. For 125 bucks, it better have a lifetime, no-questions-asked replacement program and come with a spool of rope! It looks neat, but i would peg that at 50 bucks, actual value. Thats what i paid for my channel locks, and they see way more use than that would. A Milwaukee spanner belt is 50 as well, and that is probably better for the job.
Has more uses and is way cheaper.
Our dept and the county has used Rope Hose Tools consiting of a length of rope doubled in half with a ring on one end and a hook on the other. You will find them one every unit and hanging from one pocket to the other around the the back of a coat of a firefighter.
The ones we have on the engines have a 1 inch strap rather then a rope, with a sloted piece of metal on the end to hook onto the stap making a loop. Weve had them on the engines longer then ive been around, cant ever remember using one on a fire scene.
but we use them all the time to tie off our hoses to the manifold when hose testing in case something breaks. we call them rope hose tool, or rope grab devise.
bale out sysstem !
oh yes that help me a lot moving hose. a lot of guys don't use it.

I didn't know they were that much, I had just seen them online and thought they were interesting and similar to the hose tool in the discussion. I agree I don't think I would pay that much for it.
I think the coolest thing about them is the figure 8 portion. Its not really useful, though, as most people in the situation to use the 8 either wouldn't have rope, or have a bailout bag with a descender already in it. I may try and machine up something similar, but mine will be a little more cost effective. I really didn't like the idea of not having rope to pull on when it was attached to the hose, but in a tight spot, or around corners, the shorter "handle" might just have some merit.
James, He said four or five years, you can't use the 16 as a firehouse brat to your advantage.Seems we've taught you well though.

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