Todays winner is a young energetic driver from IL. Apparently he is drawn to flashing amber lights. Let me set the scene(seeing as how I was there).


It's a typical early evening in IL during the fun winter season. A call comes in from my boss, I have a tow call. Now you're thinkin so what. Well, that's what I was thinking too, no biggie go winch some poor driver out of the ditch. Just another typical tow. The road is icy and traffic on this little two lane is barely moving, it finally clears so now I am happy. The vehicle in the ditch is hooked to my winch cable and everything is going smooth. Now enter our Darwin Award winner. He apparently didn't see my flatbed towtruck or the flashing lights that were on at the time. When he realized uh oh I'm a dumb ass it was too late.. slid his little car right into the bed of my truck.....he wasn't goin anywhere fast now. As for the towtruck, it survived just fine, finished pulling the other vehicle from the ditch and went to a fire that was paged out as I was finishing my paperwork

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slid his little car right into the bed of my truck.....

So did you have to charge him for a tow then or do you practice a "self-serve" option? :-)
nope, the little butthead had the nerve to call a different tow company to tow his car, guess he figured I would charge him more cause he ran into me
Actually, just to be technical, Darwin Awards are for people who are killed doing something stupid.

Perhaps a Moron Award is more appropriate for this dude. I'm glad you weren't standing in the wrong spot when he hit the truck.
what's snow?
he may not have died at the scene but he probably wished he had once he got home and told his folks he wrecked the car by rearending a parked towtruck that had it's lights on
yeah you know, it falls from the sky, makes the roads slick which in turn makes me money because people forget how to drive when it snows
It isn't so much they forget how to drive, they forget how to stop.
Their vehicle may be four wheel drive, but it's not four wheel stop, they slide just as easy.
It's that stuff on the ground at big bear this time of year.
its falling here in texas everyother day. My bike is pissed.
I know. I feel like I'm back in IN. Although it missed us this week. Have had to scrape the windows everyday though.
Hehe! For sure.

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