OK, what’s your thoughts on NFPA apparatus standards. How far is this going to go? For the most part all are good, but still, there are a few. I personally feel in their goal to make trucks safer, they may be going a bit overboard. I’m going to take a guess here but 90% of all accidents are driver error, so why fix the truck? Before you know it there will be training wheels. I’m just whining because the truck we are about to purchase is 100 grand more then the last one we purchased 8 years ago. Is it any safer? Not that I can tell, there are a few more lights, a warning buzzer or 2, maybe another grab bar or slip plate, but basically the same. Yes I know costs go up annually, and in the last 2 years have made big jumps, but come on. The reason we are buying 2 years ahead of schedule is in 09 new NFPA standards will add an estimated 20 grand. I understand change is needed from time to time but do we need a black box to tell us it was driver error, or hooks for helmets, or single point air for the tires, when is enough enough? I’ll get off my soap box now.

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They should talk to us, the public doesn't know what the hell they want!
Most changes to NFPA documents are from members of the NFPA. You have to be a member to make a proposed change to any document. When they are thinking about making a chang they open the floor for members to make changes. It's a long drawn out process and most of the proposals go through many changes before they are put in the proposal for change document. When the final document is ready it is voted on at an annual meeting of NFPA members. And just about anyone can be a member of the NFPA. This includes members of the fire service, manufactures of fire equipment, goverment agencies and the public. I guess the bottom line is that if you don't like the changes make your voice heard. Become a member of the NFPA.
You dont have to be a member of the NFPA to be on a technical committee or make a proposed change. Also the final verdsion of a document is not voted on at the annual meeting. The only ones voted on an the annual meeting are those that have unresoved issues.
Hehe,I'm still whining! You can't legislate smarts.If you could,we wouldn't need all these mandates and associated costs.Get used to it it isn't gonna get any better
Don't waste it get a stubby that ends part way down the tailback.You still have to climb to pack but the first coupling where you can reach it,
We work with Reconstructionists. ALL the black box will tell you(per vehicle)is top speed attained,seat belt status,Air bag deployeent(some)not that it isn't obvious,decelleration and a few other parameters.Won't generally establish your innocence,rather IF you were doing something stupid.Considerably less detailed than the aircraft versions.
Mark my words,DPF(diesel particulate filters,EPA requirement) are the WORST things you can put on Fire apparatus.They are going to cause a WORLD of problems,to the point of apparatus arriving at an incident LATE or not at all.These problems are just starting to surface but will prove to be a MAJOR headache for america's fire service.NFPA........Not For Practical Application.,
Belts contrasting colors so you don't confusecross them with scba straps.Old news.
And you think the striping will help how,Trainer? I could care either way,but if the Ignoramisus's can't see a brightly lit Rig from a half a mile away,what is a slime/red stripe gonna do?Just makes you a bigger target.Maybe I can do a study on it in a few and turn a buck.
How about the officer turning,looking and asking.Driver can see if the guy behind the officer is hooked up.Works here
We're already there and as things get tighter and tighter in the near term,I think you'll find more pressure being put on regulatory agencies to back off some.That being said,a lot of this stuff is being mandated thru our own ignorance and omissions so we have few to blame outsides ourselves.
You forgot one weetle item on the old rig vs the new rig.The OLD rig with minimal safety's and electronics will: Go every time as long as it will crank.It WILL stay running and pump as long as you keep it full of Fuel,lube oil and coolant. No so true of this new super safe stuff. The OLD rig will still be fighting fire somewhere long after it's modern day counterpart is tomorrows Toyota. My first Engine I could repair and get going beside the road anywhere.My NEW one goes on the hook and goes to the Garage where a half a million dollars of diagnostic equipment and databases restores it to working status.NO,we didn't gain everywhere. Items 1-5 I'm GOOD with.

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