hello given the fact that Fire/EMS has seen very harsh times im deciding to look at other states to become a Firefighter/paramedic since living in florida has made it almost impossible to get a job as on i was thinking since i have some family in chicago to to take my my talent over there i am only an EMT-Paramedic cetified in florida and speaking with the dept. of health got me to know only that i get reciprocity from being in florida if any one knows the process of getting hired there and how the firefighter/paramedic system works in chicago and more or less salary Thank you

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Not sure on the medical license aspect of things, IL is not a National Registry state, so better make sure there would not be an issue with the license being transferred, but anticipate a test too, just in case. As for CFD, I don't know too much other than it may take awhile to get hired. They do run EMS, and this may be seperate from fire....sort of like FDNY. It could be possible to get started in EMS and cross into fire, but again, don't know for sure. Otherwise, there are other smaller depts close to Chicago that you could look into as well instead of job locking on one dept.

Hard to understand what you wrote without punctuating anything.

I'd suggest contacting the CFD or the city's HR Department and ask for info regarding their hiring process and salary questions. Further on Crabbe's remark... Definitely look into surrounding areas. CFD may not begin a hiring process for a while and even if they do, there's more than likely going to be a couple hundred people going through it. It may even take a year+ to get through the entire process. Large cities tend to have lengthy processes due to exams, physicals, background checks, etc. Being a medic may help if it crosses over, but then again it may not. Get the word direct from the horse's mouth.

When the CFD tests it wont be a couple hundred, rather, a  couple thousand...


Seems no different from miami fl. I'm currently on the list for miami fire rescue and we had about. 8 thousand applied. I think being a hispanic emt paramedic I would I'd think I'd have bbetter chances up north .thanks for replying

John is right about IL. not being a National Registry state. Paramedic license are over seen by Illinois Department of Health. CFD ambulances are separate from fire. You either work as medic on the box or as a firefighter on a truck or engine. In recent years they have trained some firefighters as medics and they ride on ALS equipped engines. I know that there are a couple CFD firefighters on the Nation and could probably clarify further. As for the suburban departments their requirements very. Many are requiring a Medic license at hire, this is due to the cost of sending someone to school. Most hiring requirements  that I've seen are age 21 to 35, IL drivers license, H S diploma or GED and usually have addition requirements. For example our department was FF II cert and EMT license or Paramedic license or 60 college credits (no degree). We have since changed to only a Paramedic license.

I'm not sure about job openings in the Chicago area. It is competitive, but I'm sure it is elsewhere. Most of the recent hiring that I know of is to fill vacancies caused from openings due to attrition. With  the Illinois pension problem things could change in a hurry. You could see a mass exodus of those who qualify for pension benefits and creating entry positions, but that's a whole story in it's self. Good luck Ray.

Yea thanks fellas I'm looking into other states besides illinois. I really have no preference in department as long as its fire-rescue.in all honesty I just want a job in the field I worked my ass off to finish. btw I just had spoken that morning with the dept of health ems agency and was told all the steps to get my reciprocity for that state. Thanks for all the support
Chicago Fire Dept is a great fire dept my grandpa was a lieutenant there for 39 years he loved every minute of it , you will be running your butt off if you join there , and in Illinois you are required to have the Illinois Certification for EMT's they wont let you use the National Certification.

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