Do you believe if that someone says the Q word you will get slammed. And do all the crazies come out on the full moon and you get some weird calls.


Its a full moon out tonight and I just got a voicemail from another FF that said its been really Q_____ this week.

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In our area neither really matters....I've said its been quite hear and had many full moons with no craziness. So not really convinced, at least in my area that is......Now when I worked at the jail years ago it was always crazy there when it was a full moon.

I dont think its the moon maybe we should collar and cage you for the night.
Yes, I already have those ready at my house... come on over...


I'll come over John...

I like to tame wild kittys I can take the wildest one and turn it into one that will sit on my lap all day long.
YOU ARE WELCOME TO TRY TO CATCH ME................................... MEOW.......

So MJ, you got me thinking...

WHY are Fire / EMS workers so superstitious?

Calls that come in 3x's ?

and how you highlighted saying certain words... puts a jinx on the job... ?

such as if you say R**N - floods will be a'comin ?

and the whole "knocking on wood" thing? has anyone in history actually had that work?

people freak out on scene when they see a black cat or walk under a ladder

Are we a fickle people - or are we just a bunch of cuckoos - or are we just preventative and wise???
Worst possible scenario = full moon on Friday night (payday). Yep, we got slammed last night and this morning. We joke about the Q word and the S word all the time. Superstitions are just for fun. LOL
Ralph then I think you would have fun working with me because I have been called a "shit magnet" many times.
ALWAYS!!! you can count on it.
Goes in spells. NEVER works when you have a ride-along, though. You get all of the crap, and need the help, when you are by yourself. I don't like Quiet shifts - I'm here to work, to ride calls. Quiet, quiet, quiet...... damn, no tones yet.

As far as calls coming in threes, that's absolutely true. Your 4th call is actually the first in your next string of three.

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