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As a business owner my sentiments exactly. If you want to use your body as a canvas I have no problem with it. But I can not have that art work visible to our customers. If you are interviewing for an entry level position then I will not hire someone who shows up with visible tats.
I would have considered that argument years ago, when people were more lax. Nowadays people are easily offended by EVERYTHING, and they will sue just to prove that point, too.

I think people need to relax - this is life, and it only comes one time around. Is the image rude, demeaning, vulgar, or sexual? If not, I really don't see a problem, personally.
I am very relaxed. And I have my fair share of tattoos. But none of mine show while on duty, unless for some reason my sleeve gets pulled up.

The part that is being missed is what is rude, demeaning, vulgar, or sexual???

I'm sure your definition will be different than mine or anyone else.
I think the best method of determining a tattoo's appropriateness would be to show it to your mother and grandmother and see what they think. If you wouldn't want them to see it, it's probably not a good idea.
I agree!!
Well put!
I don't have them, never will. I don't like them, and never will. That's just a personal thing. Many of my people on the department (including a son and daughter) have them, but keep them covered. My department doesn't have a policy currently addressing this issue, however it is looking to develop one.

My Honor Guard policy however does, and is very explicit. If they can't be covered up, don't bother applying to be a member. If a member "goes off the deep end" and gets one which cannot be covered, the unit will be looking for a replacement. This also includes all other forms of "body mutilation modification".
I have tatoos I am in the fire and ems service. I do wear longs sleeves as I have an angel onmy forearm with my daughters name on it. the others are covered by short sleeves. I opted to get a tatoo simply because of my daughter, she was 6 and died the morning of my graduation from school. so everday i look at my arm along with countless others who ask, I get a chill and a little push to go along with my day. Her name and memory is worth this type of display
Hahaha sorry mate, "dogs balls" is a very Australian thing to say.

A little bit of common sense goes a long way. Like someone has said below, perhaps a good way a gauging what is offensive is by showing your mother or grandmother to see what they think of it. Mind you, I know some mothers and grandmothers with some, how would you put it... "Interesting" tattoos, hahaha.

None of my tattoos could be taken as offensive (an elephant and the star of life) but I still keep them covered. Society in general is becoming more accepting of tattoos (and piercings), at least they are in Australia.

The stereotype has changed, tattoos aren't just for sailors and outlaw motorcycle gangs. Just have a look at some of the clientel tattoo parlours get now. Young guys and girls (some of whom you would never imagine having ink), older men and women, clergymen, nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, accountants, childcare workers...

Like someone said previously, does it prevent them from doing their job? Not at all. In fact, I know some people with ink that do their jobs better than those who don't, and vice versa. It doesn't change the person.

It's almost like people think the ink poisons you and destroys half of your brain cells. Grow up, and move on with the times I say...
"goes off the deep end"
This also includes all other forms of "body mutilation modification".

Wow, Close-minded much? And a bit of a generalisation that first comment... Showing your age I reckon mate, hahahaha. (just stirring)

Going off the deep end is getting a full MOKO (traditional Maori facial tattoo) when you aren't Maori. But is it still going off the deep end if they are Maori and have it for traditional reasons? Would you discriminate against them? Wouldn't that be, I dunno, illegal?
I already know that if I were to et a tattoo my mother and grandmother would not approve no matter what the design is or where it is.
In response to the original question - Yes, I think it's bad. Just my opinion though, which if combined with about 4 dollars might get you a gallon of gas.

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