Ok we have all heard them

 "Firefighters are Whores and Drunks ......"

I have personally be called things I wish not to repeat based on my job, how did these rumors start ? I am aware that the Fire Service is very family orientated. For fun what is the stereotype you hate the most  ?

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Ditto. Thank goodness our chief keeps everything straight and narrow. We are not and never have been a social club! Chief insists on professionalism even though we don't get paid.
Paul, you are beginning to sound guilty!
maybe so....But I am no drunk.......LOL....willing to learn though....
Everyone is good at something......Maybe I can be good at being a bad example......LOL
Spend a week in Australia.
I guess my stereotype that bothers me is the one where they say a vollie isnt a real firefighter....In this business if you run for a department your a real firefighter whether its vollie part-time or career.
well here in the south if your a volunteer firefighter your a white trash redneck thats what pisses me off everyone thinks that just because you are a firefighter that your a redneck and spend most of your time drinking its not true and thats the worst stereotype
Chimney saver in good ole Alabama.. it really makes me mad too very under appreciated profession
i will be right over... pick me up at the airport
hmmm... do most drunks recognize that they are drunks ???

isn't the first stage denial ?
I would quit drinking....but no one likes a quitter......

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