Spelling, punctuation, and proper sentence structure: Does anyone care anymore?

I know I am going to sound like an overzealous Language Arts teacher, but come on, is this how far we have sunk educationally?  The spelling is absolutely atrocious and it isn't even long or hard words that people can't spell.  Punctuation is all over the place, either entirely missing, or wrong.  And seriously, if this is how we write sentences today it is time to put your cell phone down and re-learn the English language.


I often wonder if this is how you write when you do reports.  I certainly hope not because if it is you will get shredded if those documents are ever called into court for evidence.


I also know most of you are going to say "what an asshole this guy is".  Sorry no, I just believe we need to try and project a positive image in the way we write, even if the message is negative.


Feel free to flame me, you won't be the first, and damn sure won't be the last.  By the way, I am in no means saying I am perfect in this area.  But I do strive to be.


Have a nice day!

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I am shocked by the way people write and spell.  The funny part is they simply don't care!

What's worse is, the education system, at least here anyway, does not focus or grade on writing anymore. Sorry, let me correct myself. They do get you started in elementary level. After that, you're pretty much on your own nowadays.

Seems like, instead of trying to fix the problem, school boards decided to roll with it and change curriculum to suit the children rather than educate them

Jack's right, that this discussion has been brought up numerous times, but maybe one of these days, just one person will see these discussions and actually take a look at their own penmanship and make an attempt to keep the old ways in today's world.

It's ugly, for sure, but it's the way society has accepted it, and the way it will continue.

I can just see some of the reports:











motro vehikul

ad nauseum

Then there are the perennial favorites:

...over hear...

...over their...

...there helmet...

...first do...

...whos helmet...

...I where my seat belt...

We're talking basic sixth grade language skills. 

but I most especially love the run-on paragraph 150 words with no punctuation no capital letter at the beginning of sentences well really why would they since they write one long sentence my eyes start to bleed and I have to stop reading so whatever the person was trying to say doesn't get said because its just too difficult to read a solid page of words with no idea where one thought ends and another begins they just keep on writing and writing i suspect they do so in the hope that eventually whatever it is thats stuck in their head will eventually fall out onto the keyboard and make some kind of sense but that hardly ever happens

Too funny Jack!

Thanks Don for bringing this to the table.

I think ANYONE who posts things here, without even so much as proof-reading and correcting THEIR ( not there) spelling mistakes, are simply making the entire fire service look like a bunch of un-educated pathetic bums.

I mean it is easy to make a spelling mistake. I make numerous mistakes each and every time I type, mainly because I type so fast..but I ALWAYS PROOF-READ my stuff, and if a word does not look right.. look the &)*@#(!*@&#  word up in a dictionary. But I will admit, I still miss a few.. but at least I know the difference between  THERE and THEIR.

Does anyone want to take a wild guess as to which group of firefighters makes the most grammar, spelling, punctuation, and every other " I don't give a damn, it doesn't mean anything online anyway" type of error known to man? Next time you read a post..mine included.. when you find it filled with pathetic un-educated style of typing.. may I suggest we look at the author of the post.. and what TYPE of fire department the member belongs to. I am sure the results won't be too surprizing.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Our education system is better than this.. IT DOES MATTER!  Thanks again Don. :)


Really Brian.....?

Tell us. What group of firefighters would that be. What type of fire department do they belong to?

I see a vols vs career debate popping up!

Could be funny- don't think I've heard of one about spelling. Helmets? Yes! Training? Yes! But not spelling....

Dont forget "take your personnel car" and "I did a report on the personal in this department"


I especially love the long, drawn out sentences with no punctuation and no end in sight.


Maybe thats why we have good arguments on these forums, because the original post is grossly misunderstood due to grammar and spelling.


That's because we are to busy trying to figure out how to wire up that new 54" LED light bar with the takedowns and traffic advisor to the roof of our pick-em-up trucks so that it doesn't interfere with the "I fight what you fear" stickers.


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