I am not sure if any of you have seen the new commercial Southwest Air has out. It has an employee putting food in a microwave and then the unit smokes when he turns it on. The smoke escapes out of the microwave and the sprinklers go off. I just about lost my mind!!! I am so sick of movies, comercials and tv shows. I contacted Southwest via their e-mail and got a call back today. I talked to a marketing guy that didn't have a clue what to say to me and said he would pass my request for this ad to be pulled and a statement published by Southwest admitting their mistake and misrepresentation. I would like all brother and sister firefighters and fire protection professionals that agree with me, to voice your opinions to Southwest. Thank you in advance for your support!!!!!!!

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I did not see the add but I will have to find it online and then express my opinion.

IMHO you are over sensitive. TCSS

I don't believe this is much different then the misrepresentation of the cops in NH dressing like firefighters.

What excactly was being misrepresented? To me it was a sillly ad about embarrassment.. TCSS
I am not sure if you are fimiliar with the way fire sprinklers operate. They go off by heat not smoke. Smoke detectors are for smoke, sprinklers are for heat. Please enlighten me on "TCSS"?
Also, we fight hard enough in the fire protection field to get building codes changed so they no only protect civilians, they protect us. As part of that automatic fire sprinklers make our lives a heck of a lot easier and safer. When a civilian sees ads like Southwest ran and they get the preception that all fire sprinklers operate during a fire, that is furthest from the truth.

You're thinking too hard for others. I'd rather concentrate on ads that have unnecessary violence and vulgarity. That sends the wrong message to our youngins. TCSS (as defined by WP)

I agree thou that fire sprinklers save lives and property.
Well Bill, I guess we agree to disagree. Take Care
I'd have to agree, it's one of the dumbest commercials I've seen in a long time. It also bothers me that it is so inaccurate.
ok sorry if im not totally educated in fire sprinklers as much as you are...I'm trying to learn about this scenrios and correct me on what I have wrong, BUT can't both happen at same time, i.e. something being burned in an oven as the smoke increases the smoke detector goes off and the heat has the sprinklers. I havent seen the offending commerical, but if the smoke is present couldnt the heat from the smoke set the sprinklers off.
Maybe I am boring, but, it's a commercial. It is only there to convey an idea of getting away......not an example of fire science. I am sure that just about every commercial that is on television, for that matter, unless it's on one of the Discovery Channels, any show is probably inaccurate. Don't waste your time making this an issue. That's only MHO

I some cases you are correct, but this is not the case in this setting. Also their description of the situation would not warrant a deluge system that is controlled by smoke detectors, it is a light hazard office occupancy that would require quick response sprinkler heads Thanks

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