I don't know if this bugs anyone else but I hate when I go to an FD website and hear beeps and tones and sirens. It drives me crazy. And worse I went to website that contain a minute or so message of some kind.


Does this bother anyone else or am I just being a nudge.

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I agree...alot of the depts by me do this...the one had an animated wome who spoke to you thanking you for visiting their site and to check out their fundraisers. They finally took it off...thank God
Yes it make the site look sloppy and hard to load. The overall impact and idea of the site is to inform the public. It is a information tool. I have to talk departments out of the sounds.

The other thing is the department site that show MVA and scene photos. I understand providing information but there is no need to display it on the web.
That's OK, you've earned the position of nudge.
You still have curmudgeon to look forward to.

I find it irritating, but I also despise music on fire videos.
It doesn't fit, even if I like the song. Like the sirens and air horns on websites, it's a distraction that can be annoying.
I don't see the problem with pictures. We have department photographers that travel around with the department to film.


Those are two big ones we have other than the official government one. DCFD.com has a picture of a car accident a few stories down.
I don't see a problem with music if its a highlight video. It would be boring without it. If its just the video of a fire it's different. Here's a few we have with music. There's hundreds of ours on youtube. Here's one with the whole dept, one company video and one recruit class video.

capcityff, at 29 seconds in (your 1st video) you got some guys at a car fire with no packs on. Sheesh! ;-)

Fortunately, my computer's default position is *moot*. It doesn't matter how loud or obnoxious the music is since I don't (or almost never) look at other department's websites. Hell, I don't even visit my own.

Failing my default *moot*, I paid a lot of extra money when I bought my computer just so that I could have a MUTE button. Seems to work whenever I need it. I'm just sayin'...

P.s. Great music choice on that video though.
"cheese knows no limits"...
I'm with you Craig. Especially when there's no way to skip it.

Admit it you got a little choked up when you saw my fire video set to the Bette Midler "You are my hero" song. Especially at 1:12 when I save the gecko.
It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it! LOL
I'm with you, Craig. If a website starts out with a pinball machine-like sound and light display I go elsewhere. If a video starts out with a commercial I find something else.

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