Had a housefire monday nigth. One of the trucks ran over a dead skunk . You can not stand to go in the truck bay. Is there anything to get the smell off the truck. Good thing it is a volunteer dept. an no one has to live there like paid dept. Need help

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Back in '98, we responded on a Haz Mat, unknown odor from a home, turned out to be a 1 gallon bucket of, Skunk Glands, stolen from a college lab, spread through out an ex-boyfriends home. Yes, we had to live with that smell for weeks, even in the gear washer, it never got the stink out of our bunkers, I rolled in the ashes of fire to drown it out. For your truck, take it to the local car wash, use everything that you think, high pressure wash it, then use a mild scented detergent, not too strong, you don't want to damage the finish.
If you have a commercial truck wash in your area see if they can give it an acid bath it wont affect the paint and it usually helps with the skunk smell. The only bad part about the acid bath you will have to rewax the truck.
Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish detergent.

Take a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour it into a 2 liter bottle. Add a cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of dish detergent. Mix it well and then use an old truck brush to apply the solution to the wheel wells and frame area. Let it dwell for 5 minutes and rinse... repeat as necessary.

You could pay $23.99 for this ebook, downloadable online...


You could use a pressure washer at the local 25-cent carwash... Let the nasty body parts and smell go down the drain... Is this legal? Do it late at night maybe? lol The whole situation really stinks.

H2O2 hydrogen peroxide will help on the tires and inside the wheel wells. I wouldn't use it on the paint. Just scrub away. I have been paid by the local taxidermist to skin skunks so I have plenty of history with this. (It paid very well) It is not a cure but it helps some. It takes plenty of good ol'time for it to go away. I have found nothing works perfect for this.
3 equal parts of Peroxide, Baking Soda , and Vinegar will kill it, if you can get it all over its the best on dogs and humans too I would go heavier on the Baking soda not sure how the stuff will work on the paint :)
Thanks men. This was a mautal aid dept. Thay are from Moore Co. That is where Jack Daniel Wiskey is made. I bet that stuff would cut part of the smell. LOL
This does in fact work and works well on your dog if it gets skunked too. It is safe and the only concerns are ...don't get it in their eyes and if you have a dark coated dog and have to do this too often you might notice a reddish tinge to the coat
Maybe! but if you drink enough it makes alot of things go away lol
You beat me to it ralph....CBz's $0.25 car wash...he must live in Mayberry RFD
CB may still be stuck in the seventies. I hear All Along The Watchtower playing in the distance.
WHAT? They still make $2.50 car washes...

man you people are old... and apparently living in the country...

you can't even get the water turned on here for less than $5.50 and for a good job double or more...

but we don't have mud or salt or sand on our vehicles...

so probably country car - $45.00 - LOL

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