I've been hearing that throughout PA, paid departments are enforcing an age cutoff for applicants. If they are healthy and meet the qualifications, they should be able to test for the position(s) available. What does everyone else think.

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Not just PA. Fed fire has a mandatory retirement at 55. Can't get your 20 in past 35. FDNY has a 29y/o cut off.
I'm sure its just not PA. Thats just the buzz that we've been hearing.
Most cut off ages are directly tied to retirement programs.
It isn't just fire departments, the military has a cut off age of 35 also to join.

Some depts don't have a cutoff age. Thing of it is, it is the dept's right to establish the rules, from residency, qualifications, certifications, to age limits, it is their perogative. Those are the rules of the game, if you don't meet them and still want to play, be ready to look at another team then. Pretty simple if you ask me.
Return on investment may be another way to look at this. The hiring agency has to spend a certain amount of money and time to train a new recruit regardless of age. Then, the recruit works for a number of years for the agency before reaching retirement age. When this person retires, another recruit is trained to take his/her place.

By setting an upper age limit the agency can count on 20 or more years of service from a member before having to invest in a replacement.
That is not true in all states. In Ohio they may not have residency at all. The age is tied tot he pensions and civil service rules. There are minimum certifications for sure. Most departments in NE Ohio require medic to sit or at least be in school to apply. There is a fair amount that they can require, the rest needs to be negotiated in contracts.
Good point. New Jersey Police and Firemen's Retirement System has a maximum age of 36 for enrollment.

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