I was curious how other departments Officers function in that is it a must for them to know how to run the pump on an engine or is this something that an Officer is not required to know?

Thanks, TJ

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To be an Officer you had to have been an Engineer so yes all Officers have to know how to run and pump and keep themselves current even after moving to the right seat.
Obviously a story behind this question. In the real world a person wouldnt be an Officer of the Department unless they DID know how to operate a pump. However, on here I am not surprised by much anymore unless people are speaking from a point of ignorance. OF course the Officers should be able to operate the pumps. An Officer should be able to function in any role that is expected of them.
Right On Chief, All officers know how to operate a pump. Geeeeeeez
If they're an officer, they had to have spent time on the pump, so they not only better know how to run it, they better know more than I do about it! It used to be part of the testing process for a promotion. They have no business commanding a scene if they don't know and understand all the parts of the picture.
Yes. The officer should know that truck inside and out. The officer should be your go to guy when the operator doesn't know what to do. Some of the best officers I know were some of the best equipment operators i knew!
Your officers are your go to guy/gal. they should be able to preform any task.
Anybody can be a lever puller.
Yes, Everyone needs to know how to get water out of the truck..."Period!" We have guys that love it, live for it and excel in truck operations, but everyone needs to know the bascis!
Good point! Lever pullers can operate a pump because they know which levers to pull in sequence but they don't really understand what the truck is physically doing like a good pump operator...when something unusual happens they won't know what to do.
Yes, all officers not just the chief should know how to run the pump, in our department to be an officer you must know how to run all the trucks.
if you are an officer you should know how to run all engines or pumps
I take it from your question that they (officers) don't have to know at your department.

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